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The Yellow iPhone XR Is Already in Short Supply

As it turns out, iPhone XR customers are feeling far from mellow about the yellow version of the 6.1-inch phone. Twelve hours into the first day of pre-orders for Apple's new phone, the yellow XR is already in short supply.

Credit: Apple

(Image credit: Apple)

That's based on a quick scan this afternoon (Oct. 19) of Apple's online store. The yellow iPhone XR tied to T-Mobile is showing the longest delay in delivery time. While most versions of the new phone pre-ordered today should ship by the time the iPhone XR hits stores next Friday (Oct. 26), the yellow variant is showing delays of one to two weeks before it arrives in your hands.

And that's just for the 64GB and 256GB models bought with a T-Mobile SIM. The 128GB yellow iPhone XR tied to T-Mobile won't ship for two to three weeks, according to Apple's website.

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There's some good news for Yellow fanatics who are less fussy about which carrier they get service from: the yellow iPhone XR tied to AT&T, Sprint or Verizon is still in stock and slated for an Oct. 26 delivery when you order from Apple.

In fact, T-Mobile appears to be the only carrier where iPhone XRs are in short supply at the Apple Store. All capacities of the coral and Product Red versions of the iPhone XR for T-Mobile are showing delivery delays of one to two weeks, while the 128GB and 256GB versions of the blue model are also delayed one to two weeks. There's no delay at all for the black and white models, two of the more conventional iPhone XR colors.

Keep in mind that only applies to phones ordered through Apple. You may have better luck finding the color and capacity you want directly from the wireless carrier of your choice.

Still, analysts who track Apple's sales are anticipating the iPhone XR will prove to be a popular option given that it has the same processor as the iPhone XS while offering a big screen and price tag that's $250 less.

Pre-orders are continuing all this week on the iPhone XR, with many carriers offering deals tied to the new phones. The iPhone XR hits retail shelves on Oct. 26.

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