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A Prominent Leaker Says This Is the Galaxy Note 10

Concept drawings of upcoming phones are a dime a dozen, but some are more worthy of your attention than others — particularly when they get a thumbs up from a prominent leaker.

Credit: @BenGeskin

(Image credit: @BenGeskin)

That's the case with some new Galaxy Note 10 concepts posted by Ben Geskin, a prolific producer of concept drawings for unreleased phones. Geskin based his Note 10 renders on the latest leaks surrounding Samsung's upcoming phone, and they've proven accurate enough for phone leaker Ice Universe to weigh in. "This is correct," Ice Universe tweeted about one of Geskin's takes on the Note 10.

Geskin actually produced a pair of concept drawings — the one showing the Note 10 with a single front lens is the accurate one, according to Ice Universe. Another Geskin render has a Note 10 with a pair of front-facing cameras, similar to the approach Samsung uses with the Galaxy S10 Plus, but Ice Universe says that both upcoming Note 10 models — yes, Samsung's planning multiple versions of that phone — will feature just one front lens.

In both Geskin concept drawings, the front camera is in the center of the display, using a punch-hole cutout. Again, that's consistent with rumors about where Samsung plans to place the front camera on the Note 10.

The back of the Note 10 in Geskin's concept drawings also squares with recent Galaxy Note 10 rumors. Instead of the horizontal strip of lenses found on the current Galaxy Note 9, the Note 10 is likely to feature a vertical camera array running down the left side of the phone.

Current Note 10 rumors suggest Samsung will opt for four rear lenses — a main lens, augmented by telephoto and wide-angle shooters plus a time-of-flight sensor. In Geskin's drawing, that fourth lens is off to the side of the other three cameras along with a flash.

The Galaxy Note 10 is expected to debut later this year in both LTE and 5G versions. If Samsung follows its past release schedule, we should be hearing more about the new phones in August — at which time, we'll see how accurate these drawings really are.

Philip Michaels
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