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RIP Gear VR? Galaxy Note 10 Doesn’t Support Headset

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Samsung might have quietly killed the Gear VR.

In a rather interesting move, Samsung confirmed to Engadget on Thursday (Aug. 8) that neither the Galaxy Note 10 nor the Galaxy Note 10+ will support Gear VR. The company didn't say what the fate might be for its virtual reality headset, but did say that it remains "committed to innovating in VR and AR to deliver incredible new experiences to our consumers."

While VR headsets are certainly still around and popular, the Gear VR failed to attract the kind of attention Samsung might have hoped. The company even tried bundling the Gear VR headset with its devices to boost usage, but the response was tepid.

Samsung ensured that the Gear VR would work with last year's Galaxy Note 9 by selling a USB Type-C adapter that would allow you to connect the headset to its smartphone. The company didn't do that this time around and judging by its response, has no plans to do so.

Of course, Samsung's decision leaves several questions to be answered. We don't know whether the Gear VR is actually dead or if the company is working on a new version that will replace the existing model. We also don't know whether Samsung is designing an entirely new virtual reality device or whether the company has decided to turn to augmented reality.

Samsung's chief competitor, Apple, has made it clear that it's firmly focused on augmented reality as an important technology for the future. It's possible Samsung is also working on augmented reality and might try to match Apple's rumored augmented reality glasses when they possibly hit store shelves next year.

At this point, because of Samsung's radio silence, we're only left to speculate. But considering the company has turned its back on the headset in its latest and greatest smartphone, that doesn't bode well for the device.