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GoPro Hero9 Black is now $200 off in unbeatable Black Friday deal

gopro hero9 black
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Black Friday deals are here at last, so now is the best time to grab yourself that gadget of gizmo you’ve been eyeing for quite some time. Especially if it’s normally out of your price range.

For a limited time, as a special Black Friday treat, GoPro has slashed prices of its latest and best action cameras. Of particular note is the GoPro Hero9 Black bundle which is now $349. That’s $200 off the usual price, and one of the best ways to get one of the best action cameras around.


GoPro Hero9 Black bundle: was $549 now $349 @ GoPro
Save $200 on GoPro's Hero9 bundle, which gets you a bunch of extra goodies for less than it costs to buy the camera by itself. That makes it one of the best ways to get our favorite action camera, and record in 5K.


GoPro Hero9 Black: was $449 now $399 @ GoPro
It's not as cheap as the bundle, but a deal is a deal. If you'd rather have the GoPro Hero9 without any accessories cluttering up the box, try this. It still comes with a 64GB SD card and a spare battery

The bundle itself comes with GoPro Hero9 Black camera, a magnetic swivel clip, a floating hand grip, a spare battery, a case, a 32GB SD card, and a year’s GoPro Plus subscription. Which is a heck of a lot, and works out cheaper than buying the Hero9 Black camera by itself.

In our GoPro Hero9 Black review, we were happy to find that GoPro had not only taken on board the criticism faced by the Hero8 it had also added some extra features. Features like a front-facing display and removable lenses, to make it easier to shoot and enhance your videos in whatever way you feel like.

On top of that it increased its top video resolution to 5K, added a larger battery, and improved cold weather performance. It’s a little bit heavier than we would have liked, but everything else is spot on.

If you’d rather save money, the older models are also getting discounted right now. 2019’s GoPro Hero8 Black is now $299 at BestBuy, which is $100 off the normal price, while the two-year old Hero7 Black is cheaper still at $229 at Amazon. That’s not a discounted price, but cheap is cheap.

Of course there are plenty more Black Friday deals out there for you to enjoy, so make sure to check those out. And be sure to bookmark our Cyber Monday deals page as more sales pop up. 

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