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The iPhone 11 Already Beats the Galaxy S11 on Speed

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Samsung's Galaxy S11 is still months away from its debut, but we might already know how the flagship phone's performance will stack up to the iPhone 11's powerful A13 Bionic chip.

According to noted leaker Ice Universe, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 expected to debut in the Galaxy S11 early next year lags behind the A13 Bionic.

The 7-nanometer Snapdragon 865, which Qualcomm is expected to reveal in December, scored 4,250 (single-core) and 13,300 (multi-core) on the Geekbench 4 test of overall system performance. That's in line with previous leaked 865 scores.

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The iPhone 11 notched a single-core score of 5,400 and multi-core score of 13,700 on the same test, BGR reported.

It's not surprising. Apple's chips are known for their power, because the company can optimize every aspect of the hardware to max out performance. Companies like Samsung and OnePlus, which rely on Qualcomm's chips in the U.S., make up for what the processor lacks with extra RAM. Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which packs in 12GB of RAM alongside a Snapdragon 855 chip, scored 11,210 on Geekbench 4. A ton of RAM plus an 865 CPU could put next year's Android flagships in iPhone 11 territory.

Geekbench scores aside, users likely won't notice many real-world differences between an iPhone 11 and an Android flagship running on Qualcomm's latest chip.