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The Best Prime Day Deals Under $100

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Amazon Prime Day has slashed the prices on tons of the most popular consumer products over the past 24 hours. With a full day of sales still underway, we’ve seen surprising new items enter the fray at steep discounts. 

Whether you’re looking for a little something for yourself, a killer gift under $100, or you just have the impulse to stretch your Benjamin a lot further thanks to all time low prices, then take a look below at some of the very best Prime Day Deals we’ve found. 

Echo Show 5 + Smart Plug is $54.98, down from $114.98.

Equipped with a camera and microphone kill switch, two modern colorways, and a set of decent speakers, this smaller Echo Show is perfect for tiny spaces. Alexa can show you videos, instructions or display media stored on your Amazon Drive. For Prime Day, you can get a smart plug with your Show for only $55.  View Deal

Toshiba's 32 Inch FireTV is $99.99, down from $179.99. 

A 32-inch 720p HD TV isn’t going to impress the cinephiles in your home but it sure will impress the bargain hunters in the family. This TV makes a great addition to a guest or kids room. With a built-in FireTV, this smart TV is a no-brainer for under $100. View Deal

Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE Wireless Headphones are $99.95, down from $129.99

With Sennheiser quality backing these Amazon Exclusive headphones, Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX technologies deliver exceptional wireless sound quality. Earphone controls and a 19-hour battery life make this set of cans a steal at only $100. View Deal

CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is $89.99, down from $159.99

Tom’s Guide’s most recommended gaming keyboard. We’ve never seen this keyboard for a lower price. With USB pass-through, dedicated media keys and solid aluminum frame, this is a supreme device whether it’s being used for gaming or work. View Deal

Elgato Stream Deck Mini is $59.99, down from $100.00

For all of the streamers out there, affiliate or not, your stream can benefit from the ability to bring up graphics, control devices and screens with this all in one command center. While this version of the popular stream deck only has 6 buttons, you can pre-key plenty of effects for your streams and move up to more premium versions if need be. View Deal

Instant Pot Smart WiFi Cooker for $89.00, down from $149.95

The Swiss Army Knife of kitchen appliances, this instant pot is Alexa compatible and can be controlled from away with Wi-Fi. Offering a slew of accessories, consistently great results and over 700 pre-scripted recipes already programmed, come and eat this deal up while it’s fresh!  View Deal

SeaGate Game Drive 4TB is $89.99, down from $114.99

This portable 4TB External Hard Drive will add plenty of room to your device for a low price. USB 3.0 powered, this device is ultra portable and requires no power from a wall adapter. While the black and blue aesthetic screams PlayStation, the device will work for any gadget that can utilize external USB storage. View Deal

Tile Pro 4 Pack is $66.49, down from $99.99

Slap a tile on your keys, laptop, drone, you name it with this 4 pack of Tile Pros. These handy trackers help you find your device with ease thanks to its companion app. The Pro has a range of over 300 feet and is the most durable model in the Tile product lineup. View Deal

Sandisk's 400GB MicroSD Card is $44.99, down from $65.82

Add a whopping 400 GB to your smartphone, Chromebook or camera with this class 10 microSD from Sandisk. Load apps in a flash and transfer content at speeds of up to 100MB/s. View Deal

Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell 2 is only $99.99, down from $199.99

Never wonder who it is at your door again with the Ring 2 from Amazon. This device sends notifications to your phone and allows you to see what’s happening at your front door in real time. While the deal price is $140, order with the Alexa app from your phone to save even more (if you don’t already own an Amazon Alexa enabled device). View Deal

Amazon's Fire HD 10 Tablet is $99.99, down from $149.99

For light productivity work, casual mobile gaming or surfing the web, this tablet is powerful for the price. The $99 deal is for the 32 GB configuration. For the money this tablet is a steal. Unfortunately, the FireOS does not include access to the Google Store View Deal

The 23andMe DNA Test is $99.99, down from $199.00

Find your family origins or stir up some family drama with this DNA test. Just cough up $100 to spit in a tube and the magic happens within 6-8 weeks. This can tell you genetic diseases you’re at risk for, produce ancestry reports and help you find long lost relatives. All thanks to Jerry Springer in a tube! View Deal