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Grab an iPhone 6s for $49, its lowest price ever

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Phone carriers seem to be trying to outdo each other when it comes to slashing prices on Apple's iPhone 6s. Just a few days after Walmart drove down the cost of Apple's older iPhone to $99, Cricket Wireless has gone even lower with a $49 price for the iPhone 6s.

Obviously, you shouldn't expect the kind of features you'd get from a new iPhone 11 if you opt for a phone that debuted in 2015, but the iPhone 6s is a capable phone that can run iOS 13. And $49 is a pretty steep discount from what you'd normally pay, even if you have to jump through a few hoops to get the deal.

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s: was $149, now $49 @ Cricket
The iPhone 6s is still a quality phone four years into its lifespan, with a powerful A9 processor, a colorful display and two thoroughly decent cameras. It's also quite small, and fits into a pocket easily. You can save $50 if you bring your own number to Cricket.

If you bring your existing phone number over to Cricket and sign up for an unlimited plan ($60 per month), you can nab an iPhone 6s for $49. If you need a phone number, Cricket will charge $149. Considering other carriers charge $300 and and upward for an iPhone 6s, that's a pretty steep discount.

Just be aware that Cricket's $60 unlimited plan is the most expensive plan it offers (though you can knock $5 off your monthly cost by enrolling automatic payments). So if you don't plan on using a lot of data each month, the savings on the iPhone 6s will quickly get eaten up by your monthly phone bill. Cricket also charges $25 to activate the phone in store, which can also add to your cost.

Still, if you're going to get your wireless service through Cricket, that unlimited option may be your best choice, as it's the only data plan where Cricket doesn't impose a 8 Mbps cap on your download speeds. You also get 15GB of LTE hotspot data to go with your unlimited data. And of course, there's no contract with Cricket, so you can always take your phone elsewhere if you find a plan more to your liking.

There's also the question of whether the iPhone 6s — which debuted in 2015 — is still a good handset. It's not as powerful as newer models, of course, but if you use your smartphone for basic stuff, the iPhone 6s holds up well. It can still browse the web, send texts, check e-mail and stream video with the best of them.

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