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Huge Apple Watch deal: Best Buy takes $300 off Apple’s watch

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Opting for a stainless steel case for your Apple Watch adds a touch of style to Apple's smartwatch. But it can also drive up the cost of your Apple Watch by more than $300 over the more basic aluminum case.

You don't have to sacrifice style to save money, though, thanks to a pre-Black Friday sale at Best Buy. The retailer is offering an Apple Watch Series 4 with a stainless steel case for $399 — a $300 discount from what the stainless steel version would normally cost you. It's also only $70 more than what you'd pay for an Apple Watch Series 4 with an aluminum case over at Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 4: Was $699, now $399 @ Best Buy
This discount applies to the stainless steel case, which normally costs $300 or more than an Apple Watch with an aluminum case. Best Buy discount applies to Apple Watch Series 4 models with cellular connectivity.View Deal

The Apple Watch Series 4 isn't Apple's most up-to-date smartwatch — that would be the Series 5, which came out this fall. But the Series 4 still has a big, beautiful screen and sophisticated health sensors that support tasks like taking electrocardiograms on the go.

The Apple Watch models on sale at Best Buy include cellular connectivity in case you want to use your smartwatch without pairing it to an iPhone. And the $399 offer applies to watches in space black, silver and gold.

The Apple Watch is a pretty popular item when it comes to Black Friday sales, so if a Series 4 model doesn't appeal to you, we're sure to see more deals linked to Apple's latest smartwatch as holiday shopping season hits full stride.

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