You can get Paramount Plus for free in latest Mint Mobile deal — here’s how

Mint unlimited data deal includes Paramount Plus subscription for movie IF
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There's an upside to having a movie star as the face of your phone carrier — when they've got a movie to promote, there might be a deal in it for you. Such is the case with Ryan Reynolds, star of the upcoming motion picture IF and titular head of Mint Mobile. The May 17 release of that movie means Mint is adding a perk for new customers who sign up for the carrier's unlimited plan.

If you sign up for a three-month trial of one of Mint's wireless data plans during the month of May, the carrier will include a six-month subscription to the Paramount Plus streaming service. Existing Mint customers who opt-in are eligible for the Paramount Plus deal, too.

Mint Mobile Unlimited Plan: Now $15/month w/ Paramount Plus @ Mint

Mint Mobile Unlimited Plan: Now $15/month w/ Paramount Plus @ Mint
Sign up for Mint Mobile's Unlimited plan during May, and you'll pay just $15/month for the first three months of service. (Normally, unlimited data costs $30/month at Mint.) In addition, the wireless carrier will give you a six-month subscription to the Paramount Plus Essential tier. After three months of service, your wireless service cost will go back to Mint's usual $30/month rate if you extend your service for a full year. Note that this offer applies to any of Mint's four data plans in case you don't want unlimited data.

This is a good time to give Mint's unlimited data plan a try. The carrier has cut the rate on the service to $15/month for the first three months as part of yet another promotion. That means you're paying $45 total for three months of service that normally cost $90. In fact, Mint's other three plans — which offer data in 5GB, 10GB and 20GB allotments — all cost $15/month for the first three months right now, and they're eligible for this Paramount Plus deal as well.

After your three months are up, your rate goes back to the standard cost of unlimited data at Mint. That plan costs $30 per month, though to get that rate, you need to pay for a full year of service in advance. Mint also offers unlimited data at $35/month for six months and $40/month for three months.

Mint's $30/month rate when you pay $360 for a year of service upfront is a very competitive monthly rate that places Mint's plan among the best unlimited data plans out there. Because Mint uses T-Mobile's network for its service, you can expect good performance, particularly when it comes to 5G connectivity.

The Paramount Plus subscription included in Mint's new offer covers the Essentials tier of the streaming service. Normally $5.99/month, Essentials doesn't include your local CBS station or Showtime, but you are able to access the full Paramount Plus library, along with separate feeds of NFL football and UEFA Champions League soccer.

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  • jbraman
    So it's a misleading promo. Since you get the same offer no matter how you sign up a new account with Paramount+. and it is only good for new accounts. You don't get an extra 6 months if you already have an account.