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This may be the first shot of the Galaxy S11 in the wild

(Image credit: IceUniverse)

They're not the best of photos, but a new leak has given us our first glimpse at what may be the Samsung Galaxy S11.

Serial leaker IceUniverse tweeted two photos on Sunday that they say is the Galaxy S11 in a leakproof case. We have no way of verifying that, of course, and there's a chance the photos are fakes. But if not, they provide some insight into what we can expect from Samsung's phone.

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The photos, which were earlier published by Samsung-tracking site SamMobile, only really show the back of the devices, so we don't get a glimpse at the screen. However, the rear of the device appears to show a massive camera bump with three vertically aligned cameras on the left and a flash on the right. Whether there's another camera hiding beneath the flash is difficult to determine in the photos.

We've been hearing reports that Samsung is planning big improvements to the Galaxy S11's camera next year. Chief among the updates will be a 108-megapixel camera sensor, alongside a camera with a 5x optical zoom for telephoto shots.

But in order to accommodate those camera improvements, Samsung apparently needs to deliver a much bigger camera bump. And we can clearly see that camera bump in the leaked images. Considering how far it protrudes from the main back panel, it might also make the smartphone wobbly when sitting on its rear panel on a table. 

That said, we don't know for sure whether what we're seeing is really the Galaxy S11, so be sure to take this leak with the proverbial grain of salt. But if nothing else, expect to find some major camera improvements next year when Samsung delivers its new flagship smartphone.