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The Circle season 2 on Netflix: Is it happening?

The Circle season 2 on Netflix news
(Image credit: Netflix)

Make The Circle season 2 happen, Netflix — send message. 

Count us in among the crowd clamoring for a second season of the social media reality series, which debuted its American edition on January 1, 2020. The Circle is a voice-assisted dystopia that we could not stop watching.

Judging by all the chatter in our office and online, The Circle is a hit and season 2 seems like a foregone conclusion. 

The Circle started out in the UK and is being exported to other countries. Find out when the U.S. version of The Circle season 2 will be back to give us more catfish, more ratings drama and more heartwarming friendships between the cast members. 

 Is The Circle season 2 happening? 

Netflix has not announced The Circle season 2, leaving fans waiting for renewal news.

Back in 2018, the streaming service made plans to adapt The Circle U.K. into three international versions: The Circle U.S., The Circle Brazil and The Circle France. 

The original British Circle has already aired two seasons.

The Circle U.S. has been a hit, if its constant presence on our Twitter timelines means anything. Season 2 feels inevitable.

And celebrities, they're just like us and are addicted to The Circle!

Is there a release date for The Circle season 2? 

There is no release date for The Circle season 2.

Assuming Netflix orders a new round of The Circle, it can’t start filming right away. The U.S. version filmed in the same apartment building as the U.K. series in Salford, England. Brazil's The Circle will reportedly begin filming soon, with the French Circle after that. So, it may be mid-2020 before the building opens up for America’s The Circle season 2. 

Once it does start filming, it only takes a couple of months to edit the show and release it. The first season of The Circle filmed in August 2019 over 15 days, the premiered January 1. 

So, it’s possible that we could get The Circle season 2 this fall. 

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Who is in The Circle season 2 cast? 

The Circle season 2 cast has not been chosen yet, but the show’s executive producer told Variety what kind of people he’s looking for.

“We wanted people from lots of different backgrounds. Other reality shows, whether it’s ‘Real Housewives’ or ‘Jersey Shore,’ they’re all one gang of quite similar characters. What ‘The Circle’ gave us the opportunity to do was cast a very diverse net across the United States,” Harcourt said. 

“One of the positive things social media does is it can connect people who otherwise might not have come into contact with each other, so I thought it was quite nice to replicate that in the casting.”

Around 20 to 25 people are cleared to play in The Circle, but the show only starts with eight cast members. Then, when someone gets “blocked” — voted out — a new contestant enters the game. Producers decide on the fly who to add, depending on which who had just left. 

If you want to apply to be in The Circle season 2 cast, go to and follow @CastTheCircleUS on Twitter.

 What is The Circle? 

The Circle is a reality competition series that isolates cast members in their own apartments. They have no physical contact with each other or the outside world (their phones, tablets, laptops, etc. are all confiscated). 

The only way The Circle cast members can communicate with each other is through text messages within a specially-designed social media app. They create profiles featuring their photos, relationship status and bio. Some contestants choose to be a “catfish,” adopting a different identity and using photos that are not their own. 

Through the app, the players can chat with the entire group or specific contestants. The app also sends out alerts for mini-games designed to let the cast members get to know each other better or to win prizes (like uploading another photo). 

And every episode, the app prompts players to rate each other. The top vote-getters become “influencers” and have the power to block a player and eliminate them from the game.

Who won The Circle season 1? 

The Circle season 1 winner was Joey Sasso, who received the $100,000 prize. Shubham Goel was the runner-up. Sammie Cimarelli won the Fan Favorite award and $10,000.

One catfishing player made it to the final five: Seaburn Williams, who posed as “Rebecca” using his girlfriend’s photos.