The best iPad deal for Prime Day is just $299 right now

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Prime Day is here, bringing all sorts of amazing deals on all the best gadgets. That includes Apple gadgets that rarely, if ever, get discounts — especially not when they’re barely a month old.

Right now you, thanks to Prime Day, you can get the latest 10.2-inch iPad for $299 at Amazon. That’s only 9% cheaper, but that’s still 9% cheaper than it was a week ago. 

iPad 10.2-inch (2020 Model): was $329 now $299

iPad 10.2-inch (2020 Model): was $329 now $299
Get the latest iPad, complete with the power of Apple's A12 Bionic chip at a discount – barely a month after Apple first announced it. Complete with 32GB of RAM, a 10.2-inch Retina display, and more. Now $30 off at Amazon.

There aren’t a lot of differences between the 2020 iPad and the 2019 model, but the key one is that the new one comes packing Apple’s A12 Bionic chip rather than the less powerful A10 Fusion. In other words it’s significantly faster, but packed into pretty much the same device as last year.

That also means you have 32GB of storage, a Touch ID home button, a 10.2-inch Retina display, a 10 hour battery life and support for the first gen Apple Pencil. There’s also a smart connector should you want to take full advantage of iPadOS and combine your new purchase with Apple’s smart keyboard

Of course, if 32GB isn’t enough, the 128GB model is also on sale. It’s also been discounted by $30, though accounting for the higher starting price means that’s only 7% off the total. But a discount is a discount, and a discount on an Apple product is always appreciated.

We’re rounding up all the best Prime Day deals here at Tom’s Guide, so you don’t have to go hunting for them yourself. So make sure to keep checking our Prime Day deals hub for all the best money-saving bargains out there. 

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