Stop Renting Your Cable Modem and Get This Prime Day Deal for $29

(Image credit: Netgear)

Buying your own cable modem is a great way to lower your monthly internet bill — no more paying a monthly rental fee to your ISP for that crummy modem they've stuck you with. And Walmart is offering a great way to save even more money on a cable modem, if you don't mind opting for a refurbished model.

Netgear CM500 (Refurb): Was $68.49 now $29.99 @ Walmart

Netgear CM500 (Refurb): Was $68.49 now $29.99 @ Walmart
The CM500 is a good low-cost alternative to the SB6183 if you want to buy your own cable modem. And this refurbished model drops the cost further.

The Netgear CM500 isn't our pick for the best cable modem, but it's a good value alternative, particularly if you can find it for less than the Arris Surfboard SB6183. And with Amazon's Prime Day drawing to a close, Walmart is offering you a chance to do that, with a refurbished version of the CM500, available for just $29.99. That's more than $38 off the modem's regular $68.49 list price.

Netgear's modem is compatible with the leading ISPs, and it's very easy to install yourself. The indicator lights can be difficult to spot, but that can be a blessing if you don't like a free light show put on by blinking modem lights.

With internet providers charging up to $10 a month to rent modems, you'll pay off the cost of this discounted CM500 in no time.

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