Samsung Galaxy A52 video leak should have the Pixel 4a 5G scared

samsung galaxy A52 video review leak
(Image credit: Moboaesthetics)

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G just had another major leak just one week before its expected launch, with a hands-on video review of the phone hitting YouTube. And on this evidence, the Pixel 4a 5G may have some serious competition.

The video from YouTuber Moboaesthetics gives us a detailed look at all the specs and features the phone has to offer. And assuming it's all accurate, there won't be much left to reveal when the phone is unveiled at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on March 17.

The video confirms that the Galaxy A52 will feature a number of key, high-end specs that have already leaked before. That includes a 120Hz Super AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 750G chipset, IP67 water resistance, an in-display fingerprint sensor, a 32MP front camera, and a quad-lens rear camera display.

That rear camera array includes a 64MP main lens with optical image stabilization, an 8MP ultra-wide angle lens, plus two more sensors with 5MP and 2MP of resolution. The video doesn’t reveal what they are for, but past leaks have claimed that these are macro and depth sensors. It’s not clear which is which, however.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S21, this phone is also set to come with a 25W fast charger in the box — good news for anyone who doesn’t already have a suitable Samsung fast charger. The phone also features a microSD card slot, which is another useful feature the Galaxy S21 decided to skip this year.

Combine all that with the fact the phone runs Android 11 and Samsung’s One UI 3.1 out of the box, and you have a very impressive-sounding phone. It may not have the most powerful chipset available, but that sort of compromise is why this is a mid-range A-Series phone and not an S-series flagship.

Of course there’s no telling how well the phone will actually perform without testing it ourselves — but it looks promising at this stage, particularly since it's rumored to cost €429 ($511). A 4G-only version is also said to be coming for €349 ($415), though that caps the screen’s refresh rate at 90Hz. 

We still don’t know when the A52 will be released, but with the Galaxy Awesome Unpacked event taking place on March 17, we should find out soon. We're also expecting Samsung to reveal the Galaxy A72 alongside it — and we'll have all the news about both phones here.

Tom Pritchard
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