PS5 restock: Game could have 12,500 consoles to sell today

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A huge PS5 restock could drop today, as stock tipster Ps5Instant has claimed that June 8 will see some 12,500 units of Sony's games console be made available for clamouring buyers 

We can't verify this information, so do be prepared for things to change at the eleventh hour. But as PS5 restocks have been a bit quiet on the U.K. side recently, we'd not be surprised to see a major PS5 stock drop take place today or some time this week. And if you miss the Game restock, then John Lewis reportedly has 2,000 PS5 console waiting for a stock drop. 

"Slight delay due to fact #XboxSeriesX & #PS5stock shipments came roughly the same time. Game dropped late as 1:30pm in the past. But likely tomorrow or start of next week," said Ps5Instant.

Supposedly, Game has around 12,400 PS5 units for its next restock, with 62% of those being the £449 disc drive-equipped console and 38% being the £349 PS5 Digital Edition. How legitimate that information is isn’t clear, but Ps5Instant has been on the money most of the time. 

If you miss this Game restock, or if you don’t manage to secure a console, then Amazon, Argos, Very and Smyths are all tipped to get some new PS5 stock during June. Some of the restocks are expected to take palace in the next few days, while others could drop towards the end of the month. 

To help give you a chance of securing a PS5, we've created a PS5 restock tracker for the U.K — if Game does get stock in the next seven days, you'll hear about it there. We also have a collection of smaller retailers that could have the PS5 in stock, as well as a page for the Xbox Series X, if you're also looking for Microsoft's next-gen console. 

Sadly, with high demand and stock issues made worse by the shortage of semiconductors, it doesn't look like it'll be a lot easier to buy the PS5 or Xbox Series X any time soon. 

However, if you’re willing to go down the Microsoft console route and make do with the Xbox Series S, a rather impressive compact console, then the likes of Asda still have the Series S available to order right now. 

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