PS5 and Xbox Series X restock — bookmark these alternative retailers now

Where to buy PS5 and Xbox Series X
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Months after launch, buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X remains a remarkably tricky task, requiring lightning-quick reactions, and more than a pinch of good fortune. We’ve been tracking restocks since before launch, and the situation has been nothing short of a disaster. 

Gamers eager to get their hands on a next-gen machine naturally gravitate towards Amazon, Currys PC World, Argos and Game in hopes of securing an in-demand console. However, there are a wide variety of alternative retailers out there which don’t have the same name recognition and are well worth bookmarking. 

A retailer not being as well known is actually a big advantage for customers. As when smaller retailers do restock, you have a potentially increased chance of scoring a PS5 or Xbox Series X as there will be less competition. 

Here's a list of the smaller retailers we've compiled:

Alternative retailers for PS5 and Xbox Series X restock

Simply Games: check stock

Simply Games: check stock
Often offering upcoming releases at a sizeable discount, Simply Games is a retailer that really deserves more credit. It’s been very fair when it comes to PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks in the past, only offering consoles to customers who have registered their interest ahead of time. It’s a great way of fighting the bots and making sure that each console ends up in the hands of a gamer who will treasure it, not sell it for profit. You can register your interest for the PS5 and Xbox Series X now, ahead of the next restock.  

Box: check stock

Box: check stock
In the past, Box has opted for a lottery system to allocate its restock to customers, ensuring that scalpers can’t ruin a restock for everyone. As a general tech retailer, Box sells gaming goods as well as tons of other great products from Smart TVs to PC components. Even once you’ve got yourself a PS5 or Xbox Series X, it’s worth keeping an eye on Box for its regular discounts. Right now Box is asking customers to register interest ahead of any restocks.  

Smyths Toyscheck stock

Smyths Toys: check stock
Smyths Toys often get overlooked by some. After all, gaming is serious business, not the stuff of kid’s playtime. However, Smyths also sells video game products including the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. The retailer has been restocking the Series X regularly over the last few weeks, although it’s been a while since it had PS5 stock. Unfortunately, there is no register your interest or lottery system in effect here, it’s just the standard first-come first-served.  

The Game Collection: check stock

The Game Collection: check stock
The Game Collection has gone for a ‘register your interest’ system in its efforts to beat the scalper bots. You can sign up to be alerted when the retailer restocks the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, in the past, The Game Collection has fallen into the habit of only offering next-gen console stock as part of premade bundles. One of its PS5 bundles in the past included six games, an extra pad, and a charging dock! So if you’re solely after the console standalone, this retailer may not be your best option.  

Scan: check stock

Scan: check stock
Known primarily by some gamers as one of the best places to get PC parts, Scan also sells gaming consoles. While it’s (unsurprisingly) currently sold out of the PS5 it’s offering an “allocation update soon” so this retailer could be posed for a restock in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, it seems Scan has a large backlog of orders to fulfill first so it might be a while yet before fresh orders are taken. Curiously, there isn’t currently a listing page on the site for the Xbox Series X.  

AO: check stock

AO: check stock
AO does technically stock the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, although we haven’t seen either console for sale on the site in months. This could either indicate that the retailer is slowly building stock ahead of a massive drop, or that the consoles won’t be available at AO until both are more commonplace. We’d predict it’s likely the latter. AO does have the Xbox Series S in stock currently, but it’s selling it at a shameless £80 mark up. 

Anyone who has gone through, or is currently still experiencing, the frustration of trying to buy one of these next-gen consoles can attest to the nightmare that is overloaded website servers. 

Just about every retailer on the internet has at some point buckled under the strain of the overwhelming demand for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Even the likes of Amazon crashed in the face of thousands of customers all trying to buy the same product. 

Smaller retailers also seem to be more invested in preventing scalpers compared to the big market players. We’ve seen some of the retailers above using systems such as requiring customers to register their interest ahead of time and even using a lottery system to fairly allocate stock.  

The downside is that these retailers typically tend to get smaller allocations compared to the high street names, and typically restock less frequently. However, if you’re still trying to get yourself that much-coveted order confirmation email, then you might have a little more luck at one of the retailers down below.  

It’s also worth bookmarking our guide on where to buy a PS5 in the UK, and our guide on where to buy an Xbox Series X in the UK — we keep these updated with the latest stock information as we get it. 

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