Apple just changed iPhone trade-in values — see what yours is worth now

iPhone 13 Pro Max
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That older iPhone you've been holding onto just became a little more valuable, at least in Apple's eyes. And it could help lower the cost of your next iPhone purchase if you're looking to pick up one of the best iPhones anytime soon.

Apple has adjusted trade-in values for older iPhones, and the maximum credit the company is willing to part with has inched up. That reverses a trend from the last two times Apple changed its trade-in rates, with iPhone values dropping in November and once again in January.

The new values are still off from what Apple was willing to pay in late 2022, but at least you can expect more in return for your older iPhone when you buy a new model directly from Apple.

Specifically, the maximum value Apple will pay out has gone from $570 up to $600. That's the new trade-in value for an iPhone 13 Pro Max in good condition. The trade-in value of the iPhone 13 Pro has also risen, while Apple continues to pay out $400 and $350 for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, respectively.

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iPhone Trade-in Values (March 2023)
New valueOld value
iPhone 13 Pro Max$600$570
iPhone 13 Pro$500$470
iPhone 13$400$400
iPhone 13 mini$350$350
iPhone SE (2022)$160$160
iPhone 12 Pro Max$420$400
iPhone 12 Pro$330$330
iPhone 12$300$300
iPhone 12 mini$250$250
iPhone SE (2020)$100$100
iPhone 11 Pro Max$280$280
iPhone 11 Pro$230$230
iPhone 11$200$200
iPhone XS Max$200$200
iPhone XS$160$160
iPhone XR$150$150
iPhone X$130$130
iPhone 8 Plus$100$100
iPhone 8$75$75
iPhone 7 Plus$60$60
iPhone 7$40$40

The only other older model to see its trade-in value increase is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which now fetches up to $420; previously, the trade-in value topped out at $400. Other iPhone models retain the same values Apple has listed for most of 2023.

Apple didn't say why it's increasing trade-in values on some models, though with phone revenue dropping 8% during the company's holiday quarter, Apple could be looking to boost iPhone 14 sales heading into the spring. The Pro models in particular had suffered from supply constraints during the holidays that Apple has since resolved, so the higher trade-in amounts could be aimed at moving more iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max units, especially to clear up inventory ahead of the iPhone 15 launch this fall.

Whatever the reason, the higher trade-in values give you a chance to pick up a new iPhone at a reduced cost if you're shopping at Apple's online store. It gives bargain hunters looking for iPhone 14 deals another option if they don't care for what wireless carriers are listing in terms of iPhone offers.

We currently rate the iPhone 14 Pro Max as the best iPhone, if not one of the best phones overall, though any of the models Apple introduced last fall promise terrific cameras, durable designs and strong performance. Really, the biggest decision if you're in the market for a new iPhone is whether to hold off until the fall to see what's new with Apple's updated models — our iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 14 guide can tell you about the rumored changes so far.

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