Apple iPhone trade-in values just dropped — see what yours is worth

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If you had planned on trading in your old iPhone on a new one like the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro, we've got some bad news. It appears that Apple has silently lowered how much credit it'll offer you upon trade-in. 

This comes after an earlier price drop in November, where many models from the iPhone 13 Pro Max down to the iPhone 7 Plus got hit, some rather substantially. That means we've had two value drops in the four months since the iPhone 14 launched, which leaves us a bit confused.

Here are the new values, as spotted by MacRumors. Remember that these contain the caveat of "up to," meaning Apple could offer even less than the below figures.

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New valueOld value
iPhone 13 Pro Max$570$650
iPhone 13 Pro$470$550
iPhone 13$400$450
iPhone 13 mini$350$380
iPhone 12 Pro Max$400$480
iPhone 12 Pro$330$400
iPhone 12Unchanged$300
iPhone 12 miniUnchanged$250
iPhone SE (2020)Unchanged$100
iPhone 11 Pro Max$280$330
iPhone 11 Pro$230$250
iPhone 11Unchanged$200
iPhone XS MaxUnchanged$200
iPhone XSUnchanged$160
iPhone XRUnchanged$150
iPhone XUnchanged$130
iPhone 8 PlusUnchanged$100
iPhone 8Unchanged$75
iPhone 7 PlusUnchanged$60
iPhone 7Unchanged$40

We find this move difficult to explain, especially since you can't make the argument that these phones' values have dropped this much since November. (In what universe is the iPhone 13 Pro Max worth $80 less than two months ago?) You'll likely get a lot more money selling the device yourself, but that of course introduces a lot of headache for many people.

This all becomes even more confusing when you note that some Mac trade-in values went up. For example, you can get up to $670 for a MacBook Pro, whereas before you could get a max of $630. What exactly is Apple up to?

If prices are dropping this quickly — two months after the iPhone 14 launch and now another two months after that — we don't want to think what trade-ins will look like closer to the iPhone 15 launch. Of course, by then the iPhone 14 series will join the list.

Most of 2023 remains before we'll see the iPhone 15, but our money is on another trade-in adjustment in the lead-up to Apple's next flagship. That's a bummer because if the iPhone 15 Ultra rumors pan out, Apple ought to offer as much money as possible to convince people to trade-in for the alleged top-end model, the one that might cost more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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