iPad 10 just tipped to get 5G connectivity — but there's bad news

Apple iPad 10.2-inch
(Image credit: Future)

Looks like it could be a while until we finally see a redesigned entry-level iPad. According to a regular tipster @Dylandkt, the iPad 10 is expected to get 5G connectivity, but a major design overhaul isn't likely to happen until 2023. 

The leaker also added that the 10th gen entry-level iPad is reportedly on track to arrive sometime "towards the end of this year." This period could cover Apple's annual fall event, which could also see the introduction of the new iPhone 14 lineup. 

Dylandkt also speculated that the 10th generation of the entry-level iPad model could be powered by the A14 Bionic chip, which is present in the iPhone 12 lineup. Sadly, the 10.2-inch display size is likely to remain unchanged. On the other hand, there's potential for Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. 

But even with such upgrades, the potential iPad 10 is going to have a hard time looking modern next to the the likes of the iPad Air 5 and iPad Pro. As of right now, the iPad 2021 is the only device in Apple's tablet family that hasn't gone through a major redesign. 

Despite the slightly bigger display, iPad 9 still retained thicker top and bottom bezels, rounded edges as well as the home button — all of which has already been scrapped in other iPad models. The latest iPad to go through significant design changes was the latest iPad mini 6, which was unveiled at the same Apple event as the iPad 9.

On the bright side, Dylandkt stated that the iPad 10 will be the last model to hold on to the dated design, although if his statements prove to be accurate, it still means that we could be looking at nearly a two-year wait until we see any major exterior changes. 

The 10th gen iPad is one of the many exciting Apple 2022 products we could see this year. According to previous reports from reputable sources, 2022 could be packed with releases, including the iPhone 14 lineup, Apple Watch Series 8, a redesigned MacBook Air 2022, a cheaper MacBook Pro 2022 and more. However, the Apple VR/AR headset may not happen this year and could be pushed to 2023. 

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