How to watch Google I/O 2023: Everything to expect and how to stream live

Google I/O 2023
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You'll want to know how to watch Google I/O 2023 and its live stream keynote on Wednesday, May 10. In addition to the usual deep dives into Google's software and a preview of the next big Android update, we're expecting to see new hardware — and lots of it. 

Google I/O Keynote

When: Wednesday May 10 at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m. BST
Where: Stream it at the Google I/O website

Developer conferences like Google I/O traditionally don't see a lot of product news, but Google turned that notion on its head last year, when we saw previews of new phones and a smartwatch from the company. That trend will continue at Google I/O 2023 — at least according to rumors detailing the company's plans.

In fact, Google has already confirmed that at least one phone will be on the agenda, announcing that the Pixel Fold will show up on May 10 — the same day as Google I/O 2023. So you're going to want to tune in for that preview, at the very least.

Whether it's Google's first foldable device or all the other announcements involving Android and hardware, there's a lot of potential news coming out of Google I/O that you're not going to want to miss. And you won't, if you follow our advice on how to watch the Google I/O 2023 live stream.

What is Google I/O?

Google I/O is Google's annual developer conference, where the people who develop products for Google's various platforms gather to find out about the company's plans, policies and new tools. 

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Because Google makes a lot of different things — from Chromebooks to smart home devices — you're likely to hear about any one of a number of platforms. Android typically grabs the spotlight, but past I/O get-togethers have covered Chrome OS, Watch OS, Google search and more. Products like Google Maps, Gmail and other assorted chat clients can come up during the conference, too.

When is Google I/O 2023?

Google I/O 2023 will be held on Wednesday, May 10. This year's event takes place just on that one day, which is a change from the multi-day I/Os of recent years. While Google is hosting I/O as an in-person event at Shoreline Amphitheatre near its Mountain View, Calif., campus, the event is also streaming on the Google I/O website. Anyone who registers for free at that site can live stream Google I/O.

Typically, there's an opening keynote to start Google I/O in which company executives focus on the biggest announcements. Immediately after that opening keynote, there's usually a developer edition, which dives deeper into topics of interest to the developers who attend I/O. Google has confirmed that this is the plan for this year's installment.

How can I watch the Google I/O 2023 live stream?

The Google I/O conference, including the keynote, will be available from the Google I/O website. We imagine the home page of the site will carry the live stream, but you can probably find it in the Watch section, too.

Because Google also owns YouTube, the streaming website hosts the Google I/O keynote as well. You can follow an embedded stream right from this page.

The Google I/O keynote begins at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. BST on Wednesday, May 10. After the first keynote ends, a developer keynote will follow.

What can I expect to see in the Google I/O 2023 live stream?

If you haven't gathered by now, Google I/O keynotes tend to cover a wide array of topics. But we expect a few will get a greater share of the focus for Google I/O 2023.

AI-powered chat tools seem to be on everyone's mind these days, and that includes Google. Google I/O will give the company a chance to talk about Bard, its own chat client, and how that tool can aid other Google products like search, maps and productivity tools. In addition to going over how AI chatbots fit into its own products, you'd imagine Google may take the time to address concerns about the risks some people are citing with AI.

Google Bard on phone with Google logo in background

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The Android 14 beta debuted last month, and Google I/O 2023 will be the company's first opportunity to give a public preview to a wider audience. Given the outsized role Android has played at past I/O editions, that's likely going to continue this year. We may even get greater clarity on the timeline for Android 14 development, as a finished version is expected toward the end of summer.

The real attention will be on Google's potential hardware news. After the Pixel 6a made its debut at the 2022 developer conference, we expect its successor, the Pixel 7a, to enjoy a similar treatment. That's especially true after Google India posted a teaser tweet suggesting a new phone would be available by May 11. Considering the rumors that indicate the Pixel 7a will go on sale around that time, we think it's pretty clear we're getting at least one new phone from Google.

The three rumored Google Pixel 7a colors (L-R: Arctic Blue, Cotton White and Carbon Gray), as shown in leaked renders

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But what will the Pixel 7a offer? If rumors are accurate, the new budget phone sounds a lot like the Pixel 7, right down to its Tensor G2 chipset. Tipsters also expect the Google 7a to get an upgraded camera setup, a display with a faster refresh rate and wireless charging. All of those things would be serious upgrades over the Pixel 6a, which may explain the rumors that the Pixel 7a will cost more than its predecessor.

The Pixel 6a wasn't the only phone to show up at Google I/O 2022. Last year, Google also gave us a sneak peak at the Pixel 7 to tout that phone's Tensor G2 processor. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll get a sneak peek at the Pixel 8 ahead of this fall's expected launch, but it wouldn't be unprecedented.

We're more likely to see another product Google has already announced at one of its events — the Pixel Tablet. Previewed extensively at last fall's Google hardware event, the Pixel Tablet is expected to offer an 11-inch display and a Tensor G2 chipset. It could also come with a Pixel Tablet Stand accessory, turning the device into a smart screen when it's charging and not in use as a tablet.

Google Pixel Tablet

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The biggest unveiling at Google I/O 2023 figures to a new addition to Google's hardware lineup. For years, we've heard rumors of a Pixel Fold that's designed to crash the foldable phone party currently dominated by Samsung devices. And now, Google has essentially confirmed that's what's going to happen.

Google Pixel Fold confirmed via Twitter

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The Fold is rumored to be a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, in that Google has gone with a design where a phone-sized device opens up to reveal a larger screen. The rumored specs have the folded-up Google device listed as shorter and thinner than the Galaxy Z Fold 4, with Google gambling that people want a more portable foldable. As with the other hardware on show, this one should get a G2 processor, too.

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