Google Pixel 6 connection problems are being ‘actively investigated’

A photo of the Google Pixel 6 Pro
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Update: Google has pushed out a Pixel 6 update that fixes some irritating bugs

Google is reportedly looking into network connection problems Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users are running into. And we've experienced the issue ourselves.

Some people had pointed the finger at the latest software update for the new Pixel phones, with the update appearing when the connection problems started for European users. But 9to5Google reported that's not the case, though Google is “actively investigating” the reported problems and will provide more information once it becomes more readily available. 

This is an intriguing issue as it would appear to be affecting Pixel 6 users in Europe rather than the U.S. and elsewhere. There have been reports across Reddit, in Google forums and on Google’s problem tracker noting how signal on the Pixel 6 phones can be unexpectedly low with connections to 5G/mobile data dropping out. 

I’ve experienced this with my Pixel 6 Pro with the connection to 5G at least being somewhat inconsistent and occasionally dropping out. It’s tricky to tell if this is solely down to the phone or my 5G connection, provided by EE. 

In London, indoor 5G coverage isn’t perfect and swapping my SIM card into an iPhone 13 Pro, I also have relatively low signal bars. However, with Apple’s latest flagship, I’ve had less network dropouts, whereas the Pixel 6 Pro would seemingly drop connection, even in an area of my apartment where the signal is relatively steady. 

Conversely, auto editor Tom Prichard said that he noticed 4G connections could be a little spotty, but then said it could be done to his network provider O2. And UK editor-in-chief Marc McLaren said he’d not really encountered any problems on Three's network, and a call made between us over 4G/5G seems fairly clear. 

In short, with variation in network providers, network quality and simple location, it’s challenging to narrow down a culprit to an unsteady network connection. But anecdotally, I feel the iPhone 13 Pro provides a steadier mobile internet connection then the Pixel 6 Pro. And Google’s active investigation into the issue would suggest that something could be afoot. 

Apparently, installing the latest Google Carrier services beta can fix the network connection issue, though you need to sign up to the Google Play Store beta program first. Users who've not experienced the issue have noted that they were already members of the Carrier services beta. 

On the whole my experience with the Google Pixel 6 Pro has been very positive, so I wouldn’t say this should be an immediate warning not to buy one. But perhaps hold fire on any Pixel purchase until Google has more to say about the reported problems. 

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