VPN deal: IPVanish's summer sale offers $5 a month plus free cloud storage

IPVanish VPN deal
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Many of the best VPN tote fantastic monthly prices, but in practice you’ll be shelling out a hefty lump sum at the start of your plan – monthly quotes are only for display purposes, and show the total bill split into however many months you've paid for.

However, IPVanish has changed all that with its Summer Sale VPN deal, which sees the industry stalwart offer a rolling contract for just $5 a month – and that’s exactly what you’ll pay. 

Signing up before the end of June will bag you this offer, and it’s one not often seen in the VPN world. You’ll pay the monthly fee for as many or as few months as you want. All you need to do is stay subscribed to keep saving.

However, this isn’t just a bargain VPN deal – bundled with IPVanish is a plan with secure cloud storage provider SugarSync, which is twice the monthly price on its own. If that’s on your shopping list, you can kill two birds with one very cheap stone.

If you fancy eyeing up the competition then check out our list of the best VPNs, or read on to learn more about this cracking IPVanish deal.

IPVanish VPN & SugarSync cloud storage | one-month rolling contract now $5 a month
Save 59%

IPVanish VPN & SugarSync cloud storage | one-month rolling contract now $5 a month
Save 59%
– Get a top-class VPN plus secure cloud storage with no huge initial outlay in IPVanish’s Summer Sale. This deal is running until the end of June, so subscribing now will get you a better price than a year-long plan, as well as avoiding any long-term commitment. What’s not to like?

Why is this IPVanish VPN deal so good?

As a leading VPN service, IPVanish offers everything you could ask for – over 1,400 servers in 75+ locations, excellent mobile apps and searing speeds, all alongside 10 simultaneous connections. That means you can protect everything you own, including your iPhone, desktop computer and Fire TV – or even your friend’s PC, if you’re feeling generous.

Combined with this no-commitment monthly plan, you’ll have the freedom to cancel any time but still secure yourself a great price for an excellent VPN in the meantime.

However, if you don’t mind paying up-front for long-term cover, the very best VPN on the market is ExpressVPN. For what works out at just $6.67 a month for 15 months, the monthly price is pretty similar – but you will have to cough up $99.95 to get started.

For those looking to spend as little as possible, the fully featured yet super-cheap Surfshark is only $1.99 a month for two years – but you’ll still have to pay $47.76 in one go.

So if you’re after cheap, no-strings VPN coverage, IPVanish’s Summer Sale looks like the way to go.

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