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Galaxy Note 10+ May Be Fastest Charging Phone Ever — If You Pay Extra

Galaxy Note 10
(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+ could deliver the long-awaited ultra-fast-charging feature you've been waiting for. But it may only be available at a higher price.

Samsung is planning to support 45W charging in the Galaxy Note 10+, according to a new report from serial leaker Ice Universe. However, this smartphone will supposedly only come with a 25W charger in the box and the 45W charger will be sold separately.

The Galaxy Note 10, according to Ice Universe, who has been one of the more accurate Samsung predictors in the past, will reportedly only support 25W charging.

Many industry watchers believe 45W charging could fundamentally change the battery game. It could only take only a few minutes for you to significantly boost your Galaxy Note 10+ charge.

The problem in Samsung's rumored move, however, is that you'll need to pay extra for the right to get that faster charging. Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ are flagship devices with an anticipation of hefty price tags that, at least with the Galaxy Note 10+, could exceed the $1,100 mark. Not having a 45W charger in the box and needing to pay extra for it would be a problem for anyone who would expect the feature in such a high-end handset.

On the other hand, 45W charging is new technology and is likely costly. Adding it to the box would make buying the Galaxy Note 10+ even more expensive. And that, alone, could turn customers away.

So, at least for this year, it appears we're stuck with an additional purchase, if the Ice Universe rumor is true. But we'll know for sure on Aug. 7, when Samsung holds its special press event to unveil its Galaxy Note 10 lineup.

Until then, check out our frequently updated Galaxy Note 10 news and rumor hub page for more info on Samsung's next big flagship phones.

Don Reisinger is a communications strategist, consultant, and copywriter who has also written for many leading technology and business publications including CNET, Fortune Magazine and The New York Times, as well as Tom's Guide.