Fitbit Ace 3 leak tips possible release date plus specs and images

Leaked renders of the Fitbit Ace 3
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It looks like the next Fitbit wearable to get an update will be the model aimed at kids. German site WinFuture has got its hands on leaked images and specs of the upcoming Fitbit Ace 3, and it’s reportedly set to arrive on March 15.

As you can see from the included renders, the Fitbit Ace 3 appears less angular and bulky than the current model. While the Fitbit unit itself looks similar to the black and white OLED device that sits in the Inspire 2’s band, the casing is considerably chunkier, and made of material designed to withstand bumps and drops. The colors are also bolder with the device available in either black and red, or blue and green.

Specs wise, there’s still no heart-rate tracking, but the Fitbit Ace 3 will count steps as well as track sleep and several sports. The biggest upgrade seems to be battery life, which has gone from five days to eight. The screen resolution is listed as 240 x 240, which is obviously at odds with the rectangular display on the renders, suggesting that some specs may be placeholders.

The idea of the Fitbit Ace range is less about regimented fitness regimes, and more about instilling good healthy habits in children from a young age. For that reason, with the Ace 2, parents could set challenges from family accounts for children to beat with their wearable. Upon completion, cute little celebratory animations would play: rockets taking off, flowers growing or a monster celebrating. 

It’s been two years since the Fitbit Ace 2 arrived on shelves, so we're hoping that this update makes the best fitness tracker for kids even better. 

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