Apple Glass leak tips possible release date — and a bad surprise

(Image credit: Martin Hajek/iDropNews)

The Apple Glass augmented reality lenses are on pace to launch in 2021, with sources inside the Apple's supply chain confirming that it's "gearing up" to start production in the first half of next year.

According to a paywalled report by DigiTimes, Apple Glass will enter production in the beginning of 2021 and become available to purchase at the end of the year. This projection lines up with the leaks we've heard from Front Page Tech host Jon Prosser, who earlier this week spilled a ton of intel on one of Apple's most mysterious projects yet. 

Apple part suppliers shared with DigiTimes that they are prepared to begin "small-volume" production of Apple Glass, suggesting the first-generation product's launch could be limited.

This report follows a hot string of Apple Glass leaks from Prosser, and while the YouTuber has developed an impressive track record in recent months, it's valuable to see his information corroborated.

Prosser says the Apple Glass will cost $499 (plus prescription), feature a LiDAR scanner and employ Apple's AR Starboard operating system, but rely on a companion iPhone for computing. 

However, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, is clearly skeptical of some of Prosser's claims. Gurman says there will be a launch at the end of 2022 or 2023 and suggests that Prosser was mistaking the Apple Glasses for the Apple mixed-reality headset, which Gurman says is due for a 2021 reveal and 2022 launch. 

Prosser then answered back, standing by his initial Apple Glass launch claims. He also says that he was not referring to to the AR/VR headset.

According to Prosser, the Apple Glass will also reportedly not feature on-board speaker system. Instead, the lenses will will require AirPods or AirPods Pro for audio integration. 

But by the time Apple Glass is in the wild, AirPods 3 (or even AirPods Studio) could be the paired wireless headphones of choice. Leaks suggest Apple has both those audio products high up in the pipeline, whereas Apple Glass is still at least over a year away from appearing on our faces. 

It's possible Apple Glass will debut as a “one more thing,” announcement after Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6 this fall, if members of the media are able to attend.

However, if the annual keynote can’t have an audience present due to health and safety guidelines, Apple may wait until next March to unleash Apple Glass on the world.

Kate Kozuch

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