Streaming services April 2024 — 4 to keep and 4 to cancel this month

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The start of a new month is the perfect time to reconsider your streaming subscriptions. These days, most people pay for several of the best streaming services, which can really add up. Fortunately, it's really easy to churn services, which means canceling one or more and re-subscribing later down the road when your favorite show returns. You could save quite a bit of money on streaming if you swap out services through churning.

If you're looking to churn in April 2024, I've sorted through what the eight major streaming services are offering this month. Here are my recommendations on which ones to cancel and which ones to keep. 

Quick view: Streaming services to cancel and keep


  • Netflix (Standard: $15.49)
  • Max (Ad-free: $16)
  • Disney Plus (Ad-free: $14)
  • Peacock (Premium: $6)

    Total savings: $51.49


  • Prime Video (Ads: $9) 
  • Hulu (Ads: $8)
  • Paramount Plus (Ads: $6)
  • Apple TV Plus ($10)

    Total cost: $33

Cancel: Netflix

Why: With no mega-hits returning and very few high-profile new series or movies debuting this month, Netflix is not as must-have as it usually is. The Standard plan’s price tag of $15.49 feels a bit steep for what you’re getting. Better to save this month and get Netflix again in May, when you can look forward to “Bridgerton” season 3 part 1, a new David E. Kelley, “Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story” with basically every comedic actor in Hollywood and sure-to-be-controversial live comedy special from Katt Williams.

Notable titles: “Ripley” (April 4), “The Circle” season 6 (April 17), “Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver” (April 19)

New on Netflix in April 2024

Keep: Prime Video

Why: While Prime Video comes free with an Amazon Prime membership, some subscribers pay for it a la carte. If you’re one of those people and contemplating whether to keep paying $9 for the service this month, we say: Yes. The biggest reason is April brings one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year, “Fallout,” the adaptation of the popular video game. All episodes will drop at once, perfect for bingeing over a weekend. And like always, Prime Video’s library has a robust offering of recent and classic movies. 

Notable titles: ‘Música’ (April 4), ‘How to Date Billy Walsh’ (April 5), ‘Fallout’ (April 11), ‘The Holdovers’ (April 29)

New on Prime Video in April 2024

Cancel: Max

Why: While Max is our top pick among the best streaming services, its offerings have been a bit lackluster for the past couple of months. “The Regime” was not the can’t-miss Sunday night viewing we’d hoped it to be. April doesn’t bring much in that vein, with the exception of “The Jinx - Part Two.” Still, the continuation of the buzzy Robert Durst true crime documentary doesn’t come out until later in the month, so just cancel Max for now and resubscribe in May to binge all six new episodes.

Notable titles: “The Sympathizer” (April 14), “Conan O’Brien Must Go” (April 18), “The Jinx - Part Two” (April 21)

Keep: Hulu

Why: Hulu’s solid lineup of originals makes it worth $8 for the month, with Lily Gladstone, Elisabeth Moss and Wrexham boys Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney all on deck. Beyond that, Hulu is great for cord-cutters to watch next-day episodes of favorites like “Abbott Elementary” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Plus, you won’t want to miss the finale of one of the year’s best shows, “Shogun.” 

Notable titles: “Under the Bridge” (April 17), “Welcome to Wrexham” (April 19), “Shogun” finale (April 23), “Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story” (April 26), “The Veil” (April 30) | more new on Hulu in April 2024

Cancel: Disney Plus

Why: As usual, Disney Plus is a necessity for families but once again, doesn’t offer much for the adults in the household this month. Other than ongoing episodes of “X-Men ‘97” and “Star Wars: The Bad Batch,” the most intriguing title is the documentary film “Tiger.”

Notable titles: “Wish” (April 3), “Tiger” (April 22)

Keep: Paramount Plus

Why: In addition to the return of “Star Trek: Discovery” and “The Challenge: All Stars,” as well as the premiere of a “Sonic the Hedgehog” Cinematic Universe series in “Knuckles,” Paramount Plus is where you can find next-day episodes of all your CBS faves. That includes “Ghosts,” “Survivor” and “NCIS.” Plus, you can catch the last two rounds of March Madness and the Masters live via your local CBS station — but only if you pay more for the premium tier.

Notable titles: “Star Trek: Discovery” season 5 (April 4), “The Challenge: All Stars” season 4 (April 10), “The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden – The Greatest Arena Run of All Time” (April 14),  “Knuckles” (April 26)

New on Paramount Plus in April 2024

Cancel: Peacock

Why: While Peacock has a budget-friendly price of $6 (it’s our pick for the best cheap streaming service), even that’s a little high for a lackluster lineup of originals and exclusives this month. The headliner is a past series, all six seasons of “Community.” And as great as it is to have next-day access to the “Law and Order” dramas, “Vanderpump Rules” and “Top Chef,” we would opt to cancel for now.

Notable titles: “Community” seasons 1-6 (April 1), “Night Swim” (April 15), “Orlando Bloom to the Edge” (April 18), “Migration” (April 19)

New on Peacock in April 2024

Keep: Apple TV Plus

Why: What Apple TV Plus lacks in quantity, it always makes up in quality. This month’s slate is stacked with talented, led by Colin Farrell in the noir mystery “Sugar” and Michael Douglas in the historical drama “Franklin.” Plus, underrated comedies “Loot” and “The Big Door Prize” return for second seasons. 

Notable titles: “Loot” season 2 (April 3), “Sugar” (April 5), “Franklin” (April 12), “The Big Door Prize” (April 24)

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