New members can get Walmart Plus for just $49 in this amazing Black Friday deal

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Thanksgiving is still a few weeks out, but Walmart is kicking off the new month with an epic deal we've never seen before. 

Through November 3, new Walmart Plus members pay just $49/year for membership. That's 50% off its regular $98/year price and one of the best early Black Friday deals we've seen. To reiterate, Walmart rarely — if ever — discounts its membership this aggressively, so this is quite the unprecedented deal. 

Walmart Plus: $98/year $49/year @ Walmart

Walmart Plus: $98/year $49/year @ Walmart
Walmart Plus is a subscription service from Walmart. Priced at $98 per year (or $12.95/month), it's now on sale for just $49/year. This deal is available to new members only. Membership includes perks like unlimited free delivery on more than 160,000 items as well as fuel discounts at more than 2,000 Walmart and Murphy USA fuel stations. The latest perk includes free access to Paramount Plus at no extra cost. Walmart Plus comes with a free 30-day trial.

In addition to the epic discount, there's one more reason you'll want to join. Walmart's Black Friday deals will begin on Monday, November 7 at 7 p.m. ET. However, Walmart Plus members can shop early starting at 12pm E.T. 

If you're not familiar with the subscription, Walmart Plus is a membership program designed for frequent Walmart shoppers. The subscription service competes with the likes of Amazon Prime and Best Buy Totaltech, both of which are pricier. 

Walmart Plus gives subscribers in-store and online benefits, such as unlimited free delivery and fuel discounts from participating gas stations. The latest Walmart Plus perk includes free access to Paramount Plus. Walmart Plus members also enjoy an instant discount of 10 cents on every gallon of fuel purchased at participating fuel stations. The list includes 12,000 Exxon and Mobil stations nationwide.

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  • mejustsayin
    Walmart plus was not created to help the customers, it was created to save Walmart money.

    1. Scan and Go - it actually takes longer to check out using scan and go. You pickup the item, wake your phone and scan. You have to do this for every single item. It takes twice as long because of having to pull out and wake the phone. Then you have to stand in line at self checkout. If you pre-bag your groceries, half the time, security will break the register so you have to rescan everything because scan and go won't work. It also means if you don't prebag, you have to stand at the register to bag your items. Scanning and bagging at the same time takes just bit longer than just bagging. If you go to a cashier, an experience cashier can get you out of the store faster than scan and go or self checkout.

    2. There are signs in the store that says save 10 cents per gallon. First I have yet to see 10 cent savings. Most is a nickel. How is it a savings when you have to pay a membership fee? You never get your money back that way. You are just paying for gas in advance.

    3. Savings on shipping. Most will have enough in an order to get free shipping or pickup anyway.

    4. Ordering early for plus members. Only helps walmart by spreading out the orders. No real savings for members.

    In the end, there really is no reason or convenience to subscribe to walmart plus