Boxing Day mattress deal: nab up to 40% off Koala's most popular Aussie model

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Koala is the brand that popularised the concept of mattress-in-a-box delivery in Australia, and offers a free risk-free trial to test the product in your own home. The company has been doing this for over five years now, never shying away from dropping its prices for any excuse, particularly for a big sale like Boxing Day.

Over the years, the Koala Mattress has evolved and, as our colleagues over at T3 can attest, the current range is excellent, particularly the middle option called the Calm As. Not only is it a supremely comfortable mattress for pretty much every kind of sleeper, it's also priced just right. And that price becomes even better when there's a massive discount to take advantage of.

This Boxing Day, Koala is slashing up to 40% off its mattresses, including the Calm As and, to sweeten the deal even further, you can take an additional AU$100 off at checkout by using the coupon code BOX100. This additional discount is for one day only though, so don't sleep on this decision if you need a new mattress.

Koala Calm As mattress | from AU$1,049from AU$729.20

Koala Calm As mattress | from AU$1,049 from AU$729.20

Available in five sizes, the Calm As is the middle child of the Koala mattress range. While the entire mattress family is the same at heart, the difference between the three is in the plush outer covering of the two more expensive ones and the number of supporting zones in each. While it's tempting to recommend the Soul Mate for maximum support, the Calm As is really very good. A few of Tom's Guide Australian team members use it themselves.

You can also find the Koala Calm As mattress in three sizes on Amazon, but they're not as cheap.

And here's what's great about the Koala mattress. 

Firstly, they all come with a flippable layer that offers either firm or a medium-firm support to suit your preference – even the base Koala mattress model includes this. But we recommend the Calm As, as it comes with an additional plush cover that adds a touch of softness to the sleep layer, making even the firm side feel... well, 'plush' for the lack of a better word.

Even with just three zones of support, the Calm As is excellent, plus the materials used here help keep you cool during the hot Aussie summer nights. If you or your partner are restless sleepers, then rest assured neither will feel the other move around at night, thanks to zero partner disturbance. 

What's even better is the 10-year warranty that Koala offers for peace of mind, plus the whopping 120-night risk-free trial that you can do in your own home. Don't like the mattress? Just call Koala's customer service and they'll organise a free pick-up.

There really is a lot of value for money here.

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