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The best iPhone Cyber Monday deals: iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and more

(Image credit: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Cyber Monday deals are still available this week, so don't sweat it if you didn't grab a new iPhone yet. You still have a chance to save on one of Apple's phones, either as a gift for someone else or just a new iPhone for yourself.

There are plenty of iPhone-related deals still out there, many of which are holdovers from Black Friday sales. Now's the time to score big savings on iPhones, even on newer models like the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

(Sadly, one of our favorite deals — a $400 prepaid Mastercard from Verizon when you bought a new iPhone, plus saving up to another $400 by trading in your current phone — has disappeared, but we're hoping Verizon has new deals for this week.)

The newer the iPhone model, the more likely you'll have to turn to a wireless carrier, which will offer credit to your monthly bill in installments. The standard length for these deals is 24 months, though some carriers like AT&T have 30-month agreements.

These deals typically involve BOGO phone offers, in which you buy one iPhone and get a second model free (via bill credits). In other instances, you can lower the cost of your iPhone 11 by trading in your current iPhone.

Given all that, we've seen plenty of other discounts on iPhones both new and old. Here are the best iPhone Cyber Monday deals you can still get right now. 

Top 5 Cyber Week iPhone deals right now

The best iPhone Cyber Monday deals right now

iPhone 11 Pro: was $999 now BOGO free @ Best Buy
Best Buy continues to offer a compelling deal on the iPhone 11 Pro, though you'll need to trade in an eligible model and activate your new iPhone. For a limited time, when you buy or lease the iPhone 11 from Sprint via Best By, you'll get the second device for free.View Deal

Buy one Get One Free iPhone 11 @ T-Mobile
T-Mobile will cover the cost of the $699 iPhone 11 when you open a new line of data and trade in your current iPhone. (You'll need to trade in an iPhone 7 or later to get the iPhone 11 for free; the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will get you a $500 discount.) You'll receive credit for the iPhone 11 over 24 months. If you'd prefer an iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, T-Mobile offers a $700 in credit toward those more expensive phones.

View Deal

iPhone 11 Pro: Save $700 @ AT&T
AT&T will provide $700 in bill credits spread out over 30 months when you buy an iPhone 11 Pro and trade in a qualifying phone. You're required to bring over your current phone number and open a new line of data on an unlimited plan. No number to port in? Then AT&T will give you a $500 discount so long as you open that new line of data. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max are also eligible for $700 in savings.

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iPhone 11 Pro: was $999.99 now $899.99 @ Boost Mobile
For a limited time, Boost Mobile is taking $100 off the iPhone 11 Pro. The carrier has the phone available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB for $899.99, $1,049.99, and $1,249.99, respectively. View Deal

iPhone 11: Free @ Sprint
Sign an 18-month Sprint Flex lease and trade-in an eligible phone, and Sprint will cover the cost of your iPhone 11. (Credits will be spread out over 18 months.) To qualify, you also need to open a new line of data on an unlimited plan. 

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iPhone 11: was $699.99 now $599.99  @ Boost Mobile
The iPhone 11 offers the same amazing photography features as the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, despite having one fewer camera lens. Boost Mobile's Cyber Week sale is taking up to 60% off select phones. For a limited time, you can get save $100 off the iPhone 11. View Deal

iPhone 7: Free @ Verizon
If all you want is a device capable of running iOS 13, you don't have to spend a dime on a new iPhone. Verizon will give you an iPhone 7, and you don't even have to trade-in a phone to get this deal. You do need to open a new line of data, and the $350 price is refunded to you over 24 months in bill credits.View Deal

iPhone 6s: was $299 now $149 @ Walmart
The iPhone 6s is still a quality phone in 2019, with a solid A9 processor, a colorful display and well-rounded cameras across the front and back. It's also quite small, and fits into a pocket easily. Walmart is offering the iPhone 6s at a steep discount if you activate the phone on its StraightTalk network.View Deal

iPhone XR: free @ AT&T
Forget about trade-ins. To get a free iPhone XR, all AT&T wants is for you to buy the $599 phone on a qualifying installment plan with unlimited data. You'll get credits for the phone spread out over 30 months.View Deal

iPhone XR: was 599.99 now $499.99 @ Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile's Cyber Week sale is taking up to 60% off select phone. For a limited time, you can score the iPhone XR for $100 off its regular selling price. View Deal

iPhone 7: Was $399 now $149 @ Metro by T-Mobile
Most iPhones at Metro by T-Mobile are getting a $100 discount, but you can save big on an older phone. The iPhone 7 is $250 offer, providing you bring your own phone number to Metro.View Deal

iPhone 8: was $449.99 now free @ T-Mobile
If you've been holding on to an older iPhone like the iPhone SE, iPhone 5 or 5s or any iPhone 6 or 6s model, you can upgrade to the iPhone 8 at T-Mobile for no cost. You'll buy the phone, but receive up to $450 in credits to apply to either the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 or 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus.View Deal

iPhone 8: was $18.74/ month now 5/month @ Verizon
You can cut your monthly payments from $18.74 to $5 by buying an iPhone 8 on an installment plan and opening a new line of data at Verizon. That saves you $329 on the device over 24 months. (You get the credit applied to your bill.)View Deal

iPhone 8: was $449.99 now $349.99 @ Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile is holding a Cyber Week sale which takes up to 60% off their phones. Currently, you can snag an iPhone 8 for $100 off.  This means, you can get the 64GB or 256GB model $349.99 and $499.99, respectively. View Deal

Cyber Monday iPhone 11 deals

The iPhone 11 is probably the best iPhone for most people, given that it features a $699 price tag without making too many compromises from the more powerful iPhone 11 Pro models. While it doesn't have the telephoto lens found on those phones or the OLED screen, this 6.1-inch iPhone does run on the same A13 Bionic processor and it lasted more than 11 hours on our battery test.

Cyber Monday iPhone 11 Pro deals

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best phone currently available, and the iPhone 11 Pro offers many of the same features (save for the Max version's impressive battery life) only in a more compact device. Either phone would be a fine upgrade from your current model, though at prices of $999 and $1,099 for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro, Apple's smartphones can be pretty pricey without a discount.

Fortunately, we're seeing Cyber Week deals on the iPhone 11 Pro models in the form of bill credits thanks to rebates or other wireless carrier leasing discounts. 

Cyber Monday iPhone XR deals

Last year's entry-level iPhone now sports a more attractive price of $599, and many carriers and retailers are taking that a step further by knocking up to $100 off the cost of this 6.1-inch iPhone. 

It sports just a single rear lens — the iPhone 11 now has two rear shooters — and it runs on last year's processor, but the iPhone XR remains a top performing phone and quite appealing to bargain hunters, especially as price cuts of $100 this week. 

Cyber Monday iPhone XS and XS Max deals

The iPhone XS and XS Max are the predecessors to the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, with the same screen sizes but last year's A12 Bionic processor and just two rear cameras. The deals from Cyber Monday are continuing  throughout this week with discounts in line with the iPhone XR.

Cyber Monday iPhone 8 deals

As the oldest iPhone still available from Apple, the iPhone 8 is subject to some of the more appealing discounts during this holiday shopping season. We've seen T-Mobile offer the iPhone 8 for free when you trade-in an older phone, while Sprint cut the monthly payment to less than $10 when you lease the iPhone 8 for 18 months.

There are newer iPhones, obviously, but the iPhone 8 remains a capable smartphone that still makes the most of iOS 13. Its 4.7-inch screen will appeal to fans of small phones, and if you want dual cameras, you can upgrade to the slightly larger iPhone 8 Plus.