10 Cyber Monday deals that'll make excellent Aussie Christmas gifts

Cyber Monday X-Mas Gift Ideas
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With a plethora of Cyber Monday deals vying for our attention and Christmas less than a month away, now is a good time to take advantage of those discounts to get your prezzie shopping done. The good news is that there are lots of items you can get for under AU$100 that'll suit a wide variety of tastes.

We've sifted through some of the big Aussie stores and picked our favourite affordable Cyber Monday offers, with a variety of items to help you find something for practically everyone on your list without breaking the bank – an important consideration for many of us in the current economic climate.

There's some tech, some luxury pampering, even a tipple you can share on Christmas day.

You might want to get a wriggle on, though, as most Cyber Monday sales will end at 11:59pm AEDT on Monday, November 28. So get your Christmas shopping list ready right away and save yourself a packet on great gifts by taking full advantage of these deals.

Logitech Lift Vertical | AU$129.95 AU$84.50 on Amazon

Logitech Lift Vertical | AU$129.95 AU$84.50 on Amazon (AU$45.45 off)

If a special someone has been complaining about shoulder and neck ache because of long hours spent working at a computer, you might want to get them an ergonomic mouse. This Logitech option has a sail-like extension that keeps the hand placed in a way that can ease the tension at the shoulder and neck. And it's small enough to fit any mitt, with the scroll wheel and buttons placed just right. And while most other retailers have only shaved about AU$10-$20 off the RRP, Amazon's got it for a lot less than that.

Fitbit Inspire 2 |AU$149AU$74 at Rebel Sport

Fitbit Inspire 2 | AU$149 AU$74 at Rebel Sport (AU$75 off)

For an activity tracker at this price (even its full price), this is fantastic value. Sure, it's an entry-level option from Fitbit, but it's got more than enough here to keep the average user on the straight and narrow, helping keep those steps up, measuring the ticker's pulse and, if anyone wants more metrics, a subscription to Fitbit Premium lets it do even more. And at half price, you can help someone keep their New Year resolution of getting back in shape. Available in Black and Rose Black for just AU$74.

Chromecast with Google TV (4K) |AU$99AU$78 on Amazon

Chromecast with Google TV (4K) | AU$99 AU$78 on Amazon (AU$21 off)

Already priced at under AU$100, this nifty streaming device will help any TV with an HDMI port get access to all the popular streaming apps – it's a great way to upgrade an old set, or just improve the interface if you're not happy with your TV's built-in options. It's super easy to use – literally plug and play – and adds access to the Google Play Store. We're recommending the Chromecast that can stream in 4K, but you can go even cheaper and get the HD version for just AU$48 discounted.

Luxury cosmetics (gift sets) | up to 34% off on Amazon

Luxury cosmetics (gift sets) | up to 34% off on Amazon

Know someone who loves to pamper themselves with great skincare products? You could indulge them a little more by getting them a gift set of cosmetics. You'll be able to get collections from brands like L'Occitane, Philosophy, Mor Boutique and more, all for under AU$100 during Amazon's Black Friday sale.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 |AU$119AU$85 on Ted's Cameras

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 | AU$119 AU$85 on Ted's Cameras (AU$34 off)

These little Fujifilm instant printing cameras are a lot of fun, however stock at Ted's Cameras have been running out very quickly, so you'll need to hurry if you think there's someone who would love this camera. It's got a built-in flash in case there's not a lot of light, plus everything happens automatically to produce the best possible results instantly. There's even a selfie mode! A great way to capture to Christmas memories.

Instant Pot Air Fryer (4L) |AU$149AU$76.99 on Amazon

Instant Pot Air Fryer (4L) | AU$149 AU$76.99 on Amazon (AU$72.01 off)

If you were looking for an affordable air fryer, we'd have directed you to the Instant Vortex Mini not that long ago. That model, however, is no longer available. Fully redesigned and rebranded, there's now the 4L Instant Air Fryer. There's a handy timer here, plus a baking tin and enough space to cook a whole chicken weighing 1kg. A great buy for 48% off.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 |AU$99AU$69 at The Good Guys

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 | AU$99 AU$69 at The Good Guys (AU$30 off)

This is a handy device to have by the bedside, and it does far more than just show the time. It's a small smart display with Google Assistant on board. It does put privacy high, so there's no camera here, but it will work as a speaker to stream music, control other connected smart devices and, for a little extra money (still under AU$100), it can come with a wireless charging plate too.

This nifty Smart Clock is available from The Good Guys for just AU$69 in Grey and Blue fabric finishes, plus the Lenovo Smart Clock with Wireless Charging Dock can be had for just AU$89 also in Grey and Blue.

Wine and spirits | up to 39% off on Amazon

Wine and spirits | up to 39% off on Amazon 

Raise a glass to the silly season or gift a bottle to someone else – there's some decent savings to be had over on Amazon. There's a bunch of spirits with discounts that bring them below the AU$100 mark – like a bottle of Jack Daniels rye whiskey for AU$60 or Oxley gin for AU$80. There's also a bunch of wine going for less too. Cheers, everyone!

Sodastream Source Element |AU$169AU$79 at The Good Guys

Sodastream Source Element | AU$169 AU$79 at The Good Guys (AU$90 off)

If you know someone who keeps buying softdrinks by the bottle or can, perhaps you could get them a Sodastream machine. Not only will it help make some delicious fizzy drinks, it will also reduce the number of bottles getting thrown into the recycling bin. And filling up the CO2 cylinder is quite easy across several places in Australia. Available in white and black for just AU$79.

Inkbird Bluetooth meat thermometer | AU$45.99 AU$28 on Amazon

Inkbird Bluetooth meat thermometer | AU$45.99 AU$28 on Amazon (AU$17.99 off)

Know an avid carnivore who loves to cook? Then this meat thermometer will help them achieve the perfect succulent roast, whether in the oven or the barbie. Dual probes help monitor temperature at different spots (to avoid uneven cooking) and Bluetooth support sends the readings directly to a connected phone for real-time updates. Smart, eh?

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