LG Business Notebook Does Multimedia With Style

Wide Keyboard With Separate Numeric Keypad

While the dimensions of a 15.4" notebook normally make just a standard keyboard possible, LG Electronics builds both a standard keyboard and a separate numeric keypad into the LW60 Express. This is especially valuable to users who crunch numbers regularly, or those who live or die by their spreadsheets. The keyboard is stable and doesn't flex much even when you flail away on it. The keys have a workably long travel, with comfortable pressure point and feel. Offset arrow keys also make it easier to navigate within large tables or documents.

LG uses the whole width of the notebook case to equip the keyboard with a numeric keypad.

With the help of a software tool, users can associate function keys F1, F2, and F3 with favorite programs. This gives users one-key access to a Web browser, an e-mail client, office applications, or other programs as they prefer.

Favorite programs may be associated to function keys F1, F2, and F3.

The touchpad translates finger motions precisely and quickly into cursor motion on screen. A vertical scroll function makes navigating inside large documents easier, and works well on Web sites, too. To prevent fast typing from leading to spurious cursor motion from the touchpad, this pointing device can be toggled on and off with the "Fn+F5" key combination.

The LW50 includes a touchpad as its built-in pointing device.
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