Saatva Latex Hybrid vs Avocado Latex mattress: Which is the best natural cooling bed for you?

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The Saatva Latex Hybrid and the Avocado Latex Mattress are premium beds that offer the natural cooling properties of latex. While both offer organic breathability and comfort, there are some key differences between the Saatva Latex Hybrid and the Avocado Latex Mattress. In this Saatva vs Avocado mattress comparison guide, we will pit the Saatva's hybrid design against the Avocado's layers of natural latex foam.

Both Saatva and Avocado are behind some of the best mattresses on the market thanks to their top-quality materials and high levels of support and comfort. While Avocado specialises in eco-friendly latex mattresses, Saatva also uses natural latex in many of its models, including the Saatva Latex Hybrid. 

Both the Avocado Latex Mattress and the Saatva Latex Hybrid are luxury beds that come with a premium price tag, so it's important you know which is right for you before investing. However, timing your purchase to coincide with the Memorial Day mattress sales in May will help drive prices down. This means you have plenty of time to decide between the Saatva Latex Hybrid and the Avocado Latex Mattress, so let's take a look at the key differences between the two. 

Saatva Latex Hybrid:$1,495 $1,295 at Saatva

Saatva Latex Hybrid: from $1,495 $1,295 at Saatva
The Latex Hybrid uses Talalay latex and pocketed coils for cushioning pressure relief and increased airflow. It's up to $300 off this month, with a queen reduced to $1,895 (was $2,195), which isn't the cheapest we've seen it. You'll also get free old mattress removal, a year's sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty.

Avocado Latex mattress: $2,699 at Avocado

Avocado Latex mattress: from $2,699 at Avocado
The 9" Avocado Latex mattress is made almost entirely from latex, plus cotton and wool, for optimal comfort, support, and motion isolation. There's recently been a change in MSRP, with the full retail price of a queen jumping from $2,999 to $3,299. However, you may find a 10% discount on this model from time to time, and extras always remain the same: 1-year sleep trial, free shipping, and a 25-year warranty. 

Saatva Latex Hybrid vs Avocado Latex Mattress: Specs

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Header Cell - Column 0 Saatva Latex Hybrid Avocado Latex Mattress
Type:Latex HybridLatex Foam
Internal layers:33
Trial:365 nights365 nights
Warranty:Lifetime25 years
Price (MSRP):$1,495$2699

Saatva Latex Hybrid vs Avocado Latex Mattress: Price and deals

  • You can usually get up to $300 off a queen Saatva Latex Hybrid
  • Avocado occasionally knocks 10% off the Avocado Latex Mattress
  • Both offer a 1-year sleep trial and free shipping

Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress in bright bedroom

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Both Saatva and Avocado are known for their premium mattresses which come at a premium price, so it's worth perusing our Saatva sale or Avocado deal in order to get the best possible price. The Saatva Latex Hybrid is the cheaper of the two both at full retail or on sale, with a queen usually priced at $1,895 (MSRP:$2,195). The current discount knocks $200 off twin sizes and $300 off other sizes, but it's not the biggest sale we've seen from the brand. Back in February, Saatva threw a Presidents' Day sale that knocked $400 off every size, and we may see a Memorial Day sale of that magnitude this May. 

There's currently no discount on the Avocado Latex Hybrid, and the MSRP has recently been raised. While a queen size is now $3,299, it was $2,999 back in 2023. It was also frequently 10% off, meaning you could often see a queen at $2,699. However, the cheapest we've ever seen this mattress was in a final sale in July 2023 when a queen was just $2,099. 

In terms of extras, both come with free shipping and a 1-year sleep trial. Saatva offers a lifetime warranty on all its mattresses, while the Avocado Latex comes with a 25-year warranty. While this difference isn't too big a deal (after all, it's unlikely that you'll keep a mattress for 25 years, even if it is made of durable latex), Saatva offers the extra benefit of free white glove delivery and old mattress removal.

Saatva Latex Hybrid vs Avocado Latex Mattress: Materials and design

  • The Saatva Latex Hybrid uses a mixture of latex foam and pocketed coils 
  • The Avocado Latex Mattress has an all-foam 9" design of three layers 
  • Saatva uses Talalay latex, while Avocado uses Dunlop latex

The layers of the Saatva Latex Hybrid

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Both Saatva and Avocado make some of the best hybrid mattresses, but the Avocado Latex Mattress is all-foam while the Saatva is an innerspring hybrid. However, both use organic-certified materials such as latex (found in some of the best organic mattresses on the market) but different kinds: Dunlop vs Talalay latex. Saatva uses Talalay, which is the more breathable and cushioning of the two, while Avocado uses the firmer, denser Dunlop latex.

The Avocado Latex Mattress is relatively shallow at just 9" deep. To put its height into perspective, we often say that a mattress should be 10" high at a minimum in order to provide adequate support. It has three internal layers: a 2" top comfort layer of soft latex, 3" of firm latex for the middle layer, and a 4" base of firm layer. It is topped with a 100% cotton moisture-wicking breathable cover. It also has four handles for easy lifting. 

The Saatva Hybrid is 3" taller than the Avocado Latex thanks to its tier of pocketed coils for support, minimal motion transfer and enhanced airflow. It also features  a top layer of moisture-wicking wool for a cool, clean, fiberglass-free sleep. Under the wool layer, you'll find a 3" layer of Talalay latex for support, responsiveness, cushioning, and breathability. All layers are held by an organic wool stable anti-shift base. It also features a Euro top design made from organic cotton and is treated with antimicrobial treatment for a cleaner sleep. Unlike the Avocado, the Saatva Latex Hybrid does not feature handles for easy moving. 

Saatva Latex Hybrid vs Avocado Latex Mattress: Comfort and support

  • The Saatva Latex Hybrid has a medium to medium-firm rating of 5-7/10
  • The Avocado Latex Mattress has a medium feel (5/10)
  • Saatva has coils for support, while Avocado uses a firm latex base layer

A man sits on the edge of the Avocado Latex Mattress to tie shoes up

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Both the Saatva Latex Hybrid and the Avocado Latex Mattress have a medium feel, with the Saatva Latex Hybrid being slightly firmer thanks to its unit of supportive, buoyant coils. With their medium feel, they should suit side and back sleepers fine, with the slightly firmer Saatva Latex Hybrid being more suitable for back sleeping. 

In terms of support, Saatva's latex layer a 5-zoned support system that offers more support to the lumbar (lower back) region, while the coil unit has ergonomic firmness zones for extra durability in the lumbar area and offers enhanced edge support. The Avocado, meanwhile, has two bottom layers of firm latex for support, with a comfort layer on top for a soft sleep surface. To treat the buoyancy of latex foam, Avocado have dampened the bounciness of the latex layers for better motion isolation. 

Saatva Latex Hybrid vs Avocado Latex Mattress: Temperature control

  • We rate the Saatva Latex Hybrid as the best Saatva bed for hot sleepers
  • Avocado uses moisture-wicking cotton cover and breathable latex
  • Coil layer adds extra airflow to the Saatva Latex Hybrid

While neither mattress is designed specifically for heat control like the best cooling mattresses, the natural breathability of latex means these beds are built with cooling properties. 

We ranked the Saatva Latex Hybrid as the best Saatva mattress for hot sleepers, thanks to its breathable Talalay latex, moisture-wicking cotton cover, and the enhanced airflow of the coil tier. The Avocado Latex Mattress, on the other hand, doesn't boast a coil layer for ventilation, it does feature cooling latex foam topped with an organic cotton top cover for a cool, dry sleep surface. 

Saatva Latex Hybrid vs Avocado Latex Mattress: WHICH SHOULD YOU BUY?

Buy the Saatva Latex Hybrid if...

✅  You want extra cooling properties: Not only does the Saatva Latex Hybrid have the more breathable Talalay, it also has enhanced airflow and breathability thanks to a coil unit and moisture-wicking cover.

✅  You want a better deal: It has a cheaper MSRP and there's always a discount on this bed (though deals tend to be better around holiday sales). 

✅  You want a supportive hybrid bed: With zoned support within the 3" latex layer and the pocketed coil, the lower back will be well supported (especially when back-sleeping)

Buy the Avocado Latex Mattress if...

✅ You share a bed: With its bounce-dampening layers, the Avocado Latex Mattress is designed to offer great motion isolation. 

✅  You have a smaller bedroom: The 9" design is relatively small, making it ideal for small spaces and those with mobility issues who'd struggle with tall beds.

✅  You want medium comfort: With its all-foam structure and its soft top layer, the Avocado Latex Mattress promises to cushion you without the sinkage. 

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