Mattresses for back pain — up to $2,600 off my top 7 picks from this weekend's sales

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If an aching back is keeping you awake, you don't have to wait until Memorial Day to save on a mattress than can offer you relief. I've found seven of the best deals on mattresses for back pain, all of which feature queen sizes for less than $1,500. My top pick is the DreamCloud bundle – you get the pressure-relieving DreamCloud Hybrid mattress plus an adjustable bed frame and a bedding set for only $1,414 at DreamCloud.

I've also got my eye on the WinkBed, which is just $1,499 for a luxury firm queen at WinkBed. It's one of the best mattresses of 2024, and the increased lumbar support makes it ideal for aches and pains. WinkBed runs an evergreen sale so I don't expect to see a bigger deal in the Memorial Day mattress sale – but keep an eye on that hub for more great savings.

There's no universal perfect bed for back pain, so I've rounded up a range of supportive choices from brands such as Sealy, Brooklyn Bedding, and Awara. All my picks come with free shipping, warranties, and an at-home mattress trial.

1. DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Adjustable Bundle: |$1,244 at DreamCloud

1. DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Adjustable Bundle: was from $3,520 | $1,244 at DreamCloud
The luxurious finish wowed us in our DreamCloud mattress review, but it's the combination of cushioning and supportive innerspring that makes this bed one of the best mattresses for back pain. For increased pressure relief, upgrade to the adjustable bundle – you'll get a queen mattress, adjustable bed frame, and bedding for just $1,414. Otherwise, pick up a queen DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress on its own for just $665.

2. The WinkBed mattress: |$849 at WinkBed

2. The WinkBed mattress: was from $1,149 | $849 at WinkBed
The WinkBed mattress uses a proprietary LumbarLayer to increase the support at the middle of the bed – right where your body needs it most. In our WinkBed mattress review we found the bed offered superb pressure relief for all sleep styles. This $300 off sale is evergreen, but this is a good price for the targeted support of the WinkBed. A queen is $1,499 ($1,699 for the WinkBed Plus, which is one of the best mattresses for heavier people).

3. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid Mattress: |$539 at Cocoon by Sealy

3. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid Mattress: was from $839 | $539 at Cocoon by Sealy
A mattress with good temperature regulation limits tossing and turning, so you won't hurt your back wrestling with your sheets around 3am. The Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid Mattress offers budget-friendly cooling, thanks to an evergreen 35% off sale. At $899 for a queen (plus free bedding) this is an excellent deal. For a cheaper version with slightly less pressure relief, the Cocoon by Sealy Chill Memory Foam mattress is just $699 for a queen.

4. Plank Firm Luxe mattress: |$693 at Plank Mattress

4. Plank Firm Luxe mattress: was from $924 | $693 at Plank Mattress
The extra-firm feel of the Plank Firm Luxe mattress won't suit all sleepers, but if you want super support that alleviates stress across the lumbar then this is the choice for you. It's flippable, so you can choose between firm and even firmer (although if you struggle with back pain, make sure you get some help flipping the bed). The spring mattress sale takes the queen down to $1,149 ($1,261.50 with the cooling cover).

5. Helix Dusk mattress: |$649 at Helix Sleep

5. Helix Dusk mattress: was from $811.30 | $649 at Helix Sleep
Aimed at back and stomach sleepers, the Helix Dusk mattress has a medium-firm feel that provides pressure-relieving lumbar support. The evergreen 20% sale cuts the price of a queen to $999, and you get two free pillows. For increased support and a luxurious finish, the Helix Dusk Luxe is $1,899 for a queen. But if you aren't in a rush to buy, we predict a better Helix mattress sale before Memorial Day.

6. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling mattress:|$749.30 at Brooklyn Bedding

6. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling mattress: was from $999 | $749.30 at Brooklyn Bedding
Our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling mattress review found this bed to offer the perfect blend of cushioning and support for back pain sufferers. It's available in three firmness levels, but we recommend medium or firm for back pain. Whatever the feel, the price stays the same: $1,398.80 for a queen in the 25% off spring sale. 

7. Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress: | $649 at Awara Sleep

7. Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress: was from $1,299 | $649 at Awara Sleep
Created using natural latex, our Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress review found this bed has a subtle contouring and strong support that helps limit back pain. This is the deal we always see from Awara, but it's a highly competitive price for a latex mattress. 

What's the best type of mattress for back pain?

Those with back pain are generally advised to look for a medium-firm to firm mattress that provides support across the lumbar region with contoured support to relieve pressure. Hybrid mattresses tend to be best at this, but there are some all-foam beds that hit the brief.

However, there's no one size fits all mattress solution for back pain. Hard beds aren't always best for back pain, so make sure to consider both your body type and sleep style when choosing the mattress for your back pain.

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