I track mattress prices for a living, and now is the best time to buy the Saatva Rx

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The Saatva Rx is our number one choice for those with back pain, thanks to its soothing combination of pressure relief, support and full body comfort. A current Saatva sale means you can save up to $569 on the best mattress for back pain, which brings the price of a queen size mattress down to $2,801 — which is a considerable saving of $494. 

While the Saatva Classic tops our overall best mattress guide and is an excellent choice for those with general aches and pains, the Saatva Rx is a specialised model that provides outstanding lumbar support for those with significant back ailments, such as scoliosis and arthritis. 

A recent exclusive Saatva sale saw the Rx discounted by $400 off across all mattress sizes. However, this current Saatva sale means savings up to $569, which means that if you’re in the market for a bigger bed — now is an excellent time to buy. Plus, as with any Saatva mattress, this bed comes with a 365 night sleep trial, a lifetime warranty, and free White Glove Delivery. 

The Saatva RX at Saatva
Was: Now:Saving:

The Saatva RX at Saatva
From $1,995
Now: From $1,696 at Saatva
Saving: Up to $569

Summary: The Saatva Rx top our best mattress for back pain guide. It's Saatva's most specialised model, featuring gel-infused memory foam and micro coils. It's a luxury innerspring mattress that comes in a medium-firm, which is what chiropractors now recommend for back pain sufferers. It's also the first Saatva mattress to feature the brand's Therapeutic Support Core tech, which works by adapting and contouring to your body as you shift positions, meaning that spinal support is unwavering regardless of your sleep position. During our Saatva RX mattress review, it scored very highly in tests for pressure relief, back pain support and full body comfort. Our lead mattress tester, who suffers from back pain, felt her pain was significantly improved. Edge support and temperature regulation are excellent, but motion isolation could be better - but certainly not a deal breaker. As a premium mattress, the Rx comes at a premium price. But this Saatva sale means a saving of $494 when you buy a queen, which is one of the best prices you'll ever get it for. 

Price history: Regular Saatva mattress sales means we usually see savings in the region of $400, with the greatest savings gained on the biggest mattresses. While our recent exclusive sale meant a flat $400 off every mattress size, including a Twin, this current sale means you can save up to $569 - which is one of the best prices we've ever recorded on this model. This means that if you are buying a full size mattress or bigger, now is an excellent time to buy.

Benefits: 365-night trial | Lifetime warranty | Free white glove delivery

How to choose the best mattress for back pain 

As with any mattress purchase, the best mattress for those with back pain will be one that supports your sleep needs and targets the type of back pain that you suffer from. A mattress with few supportive layers, that traps and retains heat or is far too firm is the worst type of mattress for back pain

Instead, medium-firm mattresses with good supportive layers and a breathable cover or heat-dissipating gels are an excellent choice for back pain - like the Saatva Rx. If you're looking for further incentive to buy this best mattress for back pan, it's worth noting that it has earned a seal of approval from the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations for its lumbar zone technology, so you know your back is in safe hands. 

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