Konami: Android, WP7 ''Not Good'' for Games

In an interview with CNN last week, Shinji Hirano discussed Konami's recent shift in strategy aimed to create simple games that can be played on mobile devices and websites for free.

Hopefully this is good news for us contra fans.

One of the strategies Hirano discussed was adding social networking features to its games in order to compete with other big game studios that are moving in that direction.

"I think people's demands are changing," Hirano said. "Social networks like Facebook bring users to expect more communication through the product."

Konami hopes to make its games available on every platform, especially phones, and also network them together creating a better social experience with its games. Hirano predicts major potential on the iPhone due to the iTunes App Store and states that WP7 and Android are "not good enough at this moment."

"People cannot have easy access to buy the content," Hirano added. "So once we see a solution with that application, I think all of the platforms have the potential to be successful."

Despite already releasing games on both WP7 and Android devices, Hirano concludes that the Apple platform will be the most successful for gaming because of its simple and effective app store combined with consistent hardware across devices.

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  • LuckyDucky7
    Wait... so out of three near-identical app stores, only one is "good for gaming"?
  • Parsian
    He can suck my soon to purchase tegra phone's dual cores...
    Can't wait for total Android take over
  • Other Comments
  • plznote
    I hope WP7 and Android turn like the PC. Console Ports to PC, iPhone ports to Android, WP7
  • micr0be
    this is an operating system war with the same exact players, windows, linux and mac,(wp7, android, iOS) ...

    the more things change the more they stay the same....
  • Anonymous
    hmmmmmm vinyl clothes....

    erm, back to the issue how did konami ever survived without the app store, im sure bungie must be losing big bucks not being able to sell their games on the app store