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Use and Don't Lose Your Cell Phone Data

Motorola Phone Tools (RAZR V3i)

Motorola cell phones are administered using the Mobile Phone Tools 4.0 software. During the installation process, Windows complained about an "unverified Windows compatibility" several times. The cause of this problem is WHQL certification, which the Windows Hardware Quality Labs use to approve drivers that are reliable after running compatibility checks. Mobile Phone Tools 4.0 uses a driver that is not approved by WHQL. This error can be ignored.

Against all odds, the Motorola software worked properly. Also, a control icon for the Phone Tools was installed in the quick launch menu. Furthermore, we discovered a synchronization button in the Outlook "options" drop down list. However, as soon as we chose the Bluetooth connection, the phone simply stalled for a few seconds. This problem occurred with a Compaq Evo N800v using several external Bluetooth adapters as well with a Toshiba Satellite 5200 with onboard Bluetooth.

In general, the integration of Bluetooth in the RAZR V3(i) seems to be a little unsteady, even if you use the Windows Bluetooth control panel. As soon as the user connects the phone to the computer, the phone requires a pass code (a generated connection code). If you take too long entering this code, the connection is broken. Even if the connecting process is successful, the phone won't send a feedback signal for about half a minute. Other phones show much better responsiveness.

A Lame Bluetooth Connection

A connection profile has to be set up first.

Then you need to configure the connection type. If you want to charge your RAZR battery at the same time you should select the USB option.

Finally, you choose the phone.

As soon as the RAZR V3i is connected properly, you can send or receive data by a right-clicking on the Bluetooth symbol in your quick launch menu. The V3i is slow in transferring large amounts of data. The RAZR V3 with its 5 MB of memory didn't have this problem. The V3i, however, comes with 12 MB internal memory and a memory card slot (including a 64 MB Mini SD card). The software should be upgraded to deal with the V3i's increased amount of memory.

The V3i terminated the transfer of an MS Word file (.doc) because of an unknown file type. The phone didn't even accept text files, while .vcf-files (visiting card file -these carry personal contact data), .wav or .mp3 ring tones and songs were accepted and automatically saved to the appropriate directory.

We ran into trouble when we tried to transfer a file of about 6.8 MB. We could see a transfer status window, but the file never arrived at the phone. Additionally, the connection speed was really slow. It took us about 6:31 minutes to transfer a 4 MB file, which corresponds to a speed of 10 kB/s. Transferring larger amounts of data would take a very long time. Bluetooth 2.0 might be a faster option (enhanced data rate or EDR), but it is not yet supported by any phone.