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Sprint Includes iPhone in New Unlimited Plan

Sprint wants to give you a less complicated wireless plan option with its new All-In program. The plan offers unlimited talk, text and data, as well as a lease for such popular phones as the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, for $80 per month.

The included $20 monthly charge is for the base model of the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 - adding storage will increase the price. So if you want an iPhone 6 or a Galaxy S6 with 128GB of storage, the whole plan will cost $90 per month ($60 for the service and $30 for the smartphone lease).

Every plan has unlimited data, and the plan runs for 24 months. There's also a one-time activation fee of $36, and if you cancel your plan early, all of the lease payments will be due immediately.

Essentially, Sprint's new plan is a combination of a pair of existing programs. The carrier previously offered a $60-a-month unlimited plan to subscribers; it also let users lease an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 for $20 a month. This new program combines those two into a single offering, while also dropping Sprint's previous program where iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users could get unlimited data for $50 a month.

This is one more way Sprint is trying to win over subscribers at a time it's also trying to improve its network. The carrier's cut-your-bill-in-half initiative is designed to lure customers away from AT&T and Verizon.

Sprint's $80-a-month for unlimited data plan matches the $80 unlimited data plan offered by rival T-Mobile. That $80 T-Mobile plan does not include any hardware costs, however.

Sprint's network has lagged behind the other big three carriers in the U.S. in our performance tests. However, for those looking to save money, the All-In plan is an enticingly simple option.

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