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New Pixel 4 Model Leaks Along with Facial ID Details

It may look like the future Apple iPhone 11, but the latest phone render popping up on the web is allegedly a CNC-machined mockup of the Google Pixel 4, complete with the terrible camera-patch. But wait, because there are new details about the Pixel 4’s front cameras too.

Credit: Unbox Therapy

(Image credit: Unbox Therapy)

Notable phone leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer surprised everyone yesterday (June 10) with renders of the Pixel 4, revealing an aesthetic almost identical to the one Apple is reportedly pursuing with the iPhone 11. Hemmerstoffer’s images were based on early prototype schematics.

Now, Unbox Therapy has gotten its hands on two prototype solid-metal CNC-machined mockups of the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL, which is the stuff that case manufacturers use to prepare their products. These companies use the models in lieu of actual phones to make sure their cases have a perfect fit when the finalized handsets are released.

Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger says he’s “family confident” that these mockups are the real thing. He believes that Google will go with multiple camera sensors — two for visible light and something called a “spectral” sensor.

Typically, spectral imaging refers to technology that captures light in multiple frequencies that go beyond the visible spectrum. In this case, this may be used for infrared sensing, so Google could couple its AI technology with the extra information of the infrared to deliver outstanding images in complete dark.

Hilsenteger also speaks about the front of the phone. Instead of keeping the Pixel 3 XL’s divisive notch, Hilsenteger claims that Google will put a forehead to house the extra depth sensors needed for facial recognition technology similar to Apple’s Face ID. In fact, he says that there will be five sensors of the front of the Pixel 4. He also claims there will be no fingerprint senor, just facial ID: “It appears Google is making their bet that facial recognition is the future biometric unlock method.”

The Unbox Therapy host claims that the rest of the technology will be pretty similar to the current Pixels, with NFC, wireless charging, and edge pressure detection.

Jesus Diaz

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