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PixCell Concept is the Bubbliest Phone Ever

Japanese telco KDDI recently commissioned Kohei Nawa to create a prototype phone. The Pixcell via Prismoid is a flip phone with an asymmetrical form factor, meant to convey an image of cells growing and popping out of the casing. Personally, we think the Pixcell—when closed—looks like an angular metal block covered by oversized water droplets.

No info on whether the Pixcell will ever hit the market. It comes off more as an artistic exercise rather than a product design. One thing's clear however: with artificial droplets distributed throughout the casing, it will be hard to do a signal-killing death grip on this phone.

Are you a fan of complex or minamlistic designs? Let us know in the comments!

Art Editions Concept PixCell via PRISMOID

  • wittermark
    this phone is fugly lol, i can do better.
  • joytech22
    Looks like Bubble wrap.. everyone would only buy the phone to pop the bubbles :D
  • that looks a block with giant warts..
  • ivan_chess
    I bet that's comfortable to hold... or not.
  • braneman
    doesn't look like anything revolutionary, probably could just print a bubble design on there for the same effect.
  • mikewong
    Has this phone caught a virus?
  • g00fysmiley
    well.. if the bubbles are rubber it might not be a bad thing to give an extremely clumsy person ... till they drop it in a puddle
  • The bubbles will keep you from blocking the reception by holding the phone wrong....Oh wait. Steve Jobs said nothing is wrong with iPhone 4....Breaking news: News conference on Friday to talk about iPhone 4 receptions problems
  • michaelssw
    tedbdmosthat looks a block with giant warts..
    It was Paris Hilton's vibrator... poor phone :(
  • ksampanna
    The kind of phone that the Treeman on My Shocking story will use