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Android Browser Now 2nd Most Popular for Mobile

Google's Android browser has just surpassed Nokia's Symbian browser as the word's second most popular browser on mobile devices. Opera has still the lead with a 22.05 percent advantage over Android with 18.16 percent, according to StatCounter.

The surprise in this chart may be the fourth-ranked iPhone safari browser, which currently stands at 15.28 percent and is, apparently, not making any progress in market share gains on Opera and has even given up its lead over Symbian in May. The only browser that seems to be consistently posting market share gains is Google's default Android browser.

StatCounter does not provide additional detail and does not break out numbers for Firefox Mobile, for example.

The mobile browser market has not received a lot of attention yet, perhaps with the exception of Opera, which has been catering specifically to this segment for years as well as the recent releases of Firefox Mobile. However, there are no versions of Chrome for the mobile market and Safari is limited to the iPhone. However, the rise of HTML5 could change the business dynamics and the way the consumer perceives a browser in a mobile device.