Best LG G6 Smartphone Deals

The G6 is LG's most attractive phone to date, but like all new technology, it's not cheap. Fortunately, anyone who buys an LG G6 is guaranteed at least one good deal: You'll instantly get a Google Home smart speaker — a $129 value. Just redeem your Google Home at LG's promo page.

Retailers have also been doing a good job of undercutting LG's $699.99 price tag. Below, we've rounded up the best deals you'll find for the LG G6. You'll notice we've omitted AT&T because at the time they were actually charging above LG's MSRP. 

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Big Red is offering LG's 5.7-inch smartphone for $20 per month over 24 months. The monthly option yields a final price of $480, which is cheaper than LG's direct price and even beats Verizon's outright $672 price. If you're coming from a competing carrier, there's even more incentive as you can get a $100 prepaid Visa card for every line you port to Verizon. (A maximum of 10 lines is allowed.) This offer is valid through June 30.

Verizon: LG G6
Verizon: LG G6


If you opt for Sprint's monthly plan, you'll pay $14.75 over 24 months for a total of $354, which is 50 percent cheaper than Sprint's outright price. However, this discounted price is only valid for new-line activations.

Sprint: LG G6
Sprint: LG G6


When it comes to the carriers, T-Mobile is offering the best LG G6 prices. You can lease the phone for $20 over 24 months for a total of $480. Plus, for a limited time you'll get a free LG G Pad X tablet. If you prefer to pay up front, you'll pay $500, which again beats LG's direct price.

T-Mobile: LG G6
T-Mobile: LG G6

U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular is the fifth-largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States with 5 million customers. So it's no surprise to see the company offering prepaid models of the LG G6 for $549.99. Alternatively, you can pay $19.92 per month over 30 months for a total of $597. If you choose the latter option, you'll get a $150 U.S. Cellular promo card.

U.S. Cellular: LG G6
U.S. Cellular: LG G6

Best Buy

For a limited time, Best Buy has a killer deal on the LG G6 for Verizon. It's offering it for $11.99 per month for 24 months, which comes out to $287.76. That blows all other LG G6 deals we've seen out of the water.


If you're able to pay for your LG G6 outright and don't want to be tied to any carrier, Amazon is offering the best bang for your buck. You can purchase the unlocked G6 for $599.99, which is $100 under LG's direct price and the third-cheapest price we've seen (behind T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular).

B&H Photo Video

Like Amazon, B&H Photo Video is offering the LG G6 for $599.99 when bought outright. It can be used on GSM and CDMA networks and beats LG's price by $100.

Bottom Line

Deciding which company has the best G6 deal ultimately comes down to whether you want to buy the phone outright or pay in monthly installments. It also depends on whether you're willing to port your number to a new network. T-Mobile has some of the lowest prices, but Amazon has the best unlocked price without carrier commitment. For Verizon, no one beats Best Buy's $287.76 price. Regardless of which route you take, remember to claim your free Google Home Device, which means you're saving at least $129 no matter what you do.  

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