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AT&T Users More Likely to Use Wi-Fi than Verizon

Verizon apparently captured already 14% iPhone 4 share in the U.S., while AT&T still holds an overall share of iPhone users of 96%.

Mobclix found that there is a distinct difference in how Verizon users use their iPhone compared to AT&T users. 38% of Verizon iPhone 4 owners use Wi-Fi, while 53% of AT&T owners access data services via Wi-Fi. It appears that AT&T customers have learned to be aware of their data limit. Other released data stated that two out of three iPhone owners who switched to Verizon paid an early termination fee. The top reasons for switching were reception issues, the personal hotspot and the reputation of the Verizon network.

The areas in which Verizon has been especially successful with the iPhone 4 have been Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York City and Boston.