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Here's When You Can Buy the iPhone 8 (Report)

Apple on Thursday (Aug. 31) announced that it will be hosting a press event to unveil the iPhone 8 on September 12. But now we might know what the company's release schedule looks like, courtesy of leaked data from a wireless carrier.

Credit: Gabor Balogh

(Image credit: Gabor Balogh)

UK carrier O2 has told staff members that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 8 on September 22, serial leaker Benjamin Geskin tweeted this week. That would mean the iPhone 8 would launch 10 days after the handset is unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park.

According to BGR, which earlier reported on the news, it's likely that Apple will unveil three handsets on September 12 -- the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8. All three of those devices will likely be available on pre-order on Friday, September 15. Apple will then make them available on September 22, if Geskin's sources are right.

Apple notoriously keeps its launch plans for new devices close to the vest, but needs to give some of its key partners, like carriers, some insight into its timetable. Apple's divulging of its plans helps carriers get prepared and staffed up for what would likely be a long day. It's likely, then, that O2 was indeed informed by Apple about its launch plans and has told staff to be prepared.

The timetable outlined by Geskin also follows Apple's release schedules in the past.

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Each September, Apple unveils a new iPhone during the middle of the week, and makes preorders available the Friday after the announcement. The new iPhone then makes its ways to stores a week after the preorder date.

However, we've also been hearing grumblings over the last several months that Apple could have some supply problems with the iPhone 8 and it could be forced to launch the smartphone in October or even November. Other reports have suggested Apple might try to hit an initial September launch, but caution that supply will be short.

Apple, of course, isn't what its future plans are. But Geskin has a solid track record and for now, there's no reason to believe Apple will break habit and change up how it launches its iPhones.

Be sure to check back on September 12 for all of our iPhone 8 coverage from Apple Park.