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Apple Really Wants AR on the Next iPhone

Apple's made no secret of its interest in augmented reality, and the upcoming iPhone 8 release gives the company an opportunity to integrate those features into its phones.

A new report indicates that Apple's AR plans for the iPhone involve more than just software.

Credit: Mark Spoonauer/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Mark Spoonauer/Tom's Guide)

The Fast Company report is significant because it indicates Apple wants its 2017 flagship phone to offer even more AR oomph. By including hardware with specific AR features, the iPhone 8 — or whatever device that includes the rear-facing 3D laser system — will be able to do more with the apps created by developers who tap into ARKit.

The improved autofocus features that a 3D laser system would bring are also intriguing as it would adopt features already available in devices like the Google Pixel.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be the centerpiece of Apple's smartphone lineup this fall. In addition to the feature-rich iPhone 8, Apple is likely to roll out more modest updates to its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus phones.