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Apple iCloud, iOS 5 Arrive to Usher in Post-PC/Mac Era

Now available for download through iTunes is Apple's iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 5 brings with it the usual batch of improvements in an update, but the big news is iCloud and the weaning off of PC or Mac dependence.

With iOS 5, users can download system software updates right on the device without needing to connect to a computer. iCloud also makes it possible to backup and restore data without the need to sync to iTunes.

Even with iOS device storage stretching up to 64GB, Apple's put a 5GB cap on its free iCloud quota per user. Still, that should be enough for most users to backup the most important email, documents and app settings. Purchased music, TV shows, apps, books and Photo Stream do not count against the storage limit. Additional iCloud storage upgrades are available to purchase starting at $20 a year for 10GB, $40 a year for 20GB and $100 a year for 50GB.

While not everyone believes in a post-PC future like Apple does, there's no denying how inconvenient (and at times, just silly) it was to have mobile devices depend so heavily on iTunes. Good riddance to that.