Report: MMS Coming to iPhone From Telia

As media friendly as the iPhone is, it is unable to send or receive MMS, a task even the most basic of cell phones on the market today have no problem with.

Currently, iPhone users wishing to snap a picture and send it off to their friends can only do so via email – which requires using data. More adventurous iPhone users can bring MMS features through an application called SwirlyMMS which requires a jailbroken device.

Telia, and likely many of its iPhone wielding customers, appear to have no intention to sit around and wait for Apple to introduce MMS in a future firmware version – should it ever come. Instead, the Swedish mobile provider is intends to develop an app that will handle the sending of multimedia messages.

Bengt Olsson of TeliaSonera told MacWorld (English translation) that the telecoms company will provide MMS functionality for the iPhone within two months.

However, even if Telia develops such an App, it will have to go through Apple’s certification and approval process before appearing in the App Store. To date, no such app has found its way onto the App Store, perhaps signifying that Apple has no intention of allowing MMS on the iPhone from a third-party.