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HTC Vive is Getting a Much-Needed App Store

Soon, HTC Vive owners won't have to go digging through pages and pages of SteamVR search results trying to find the best and newest titles. The Vive team has recently announced Viveport, a place for VR content creators to show off their wares, and for fans to buy them. Developers will get first crack at the beta version of the app store very soon, while consumers can expect to start exploring sometime in the fall.

According to early screenshots, Viveport will reside in Vive Home's intergalactic setting. Similar to Oculus Home, apps and games will be displayed via large floating tiles. Smaller tabs for Favorite, My Apps and Viveport will help you navigate to different sections of the interface. The library itself will be comprised of apps and games covering a wide swath of genres including education, social, music, travel and news, just to name a few.

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The app store will be available on mobile devices, web browsers, PCs and within the helmet itself. In an effort to appeal to developers and potential content creators, Viveport will offer several features that will encourage content creation and buyer engagement. However, there's no word on whether or not the store will feature apps and/or games that work on Oculus Rift.

Overall, this is a great step for the Vive that will make it much easier to find content and encourage longer user interaction. Hopefully, Viveport will have a discovery tool that will help Vive owners find all these new experiences that the Vive team is boasting. Otherwise, it'll just be another app store where apps sponsored by the host will stay at the top while the new and truly innovative stuff falls by the wayside.