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Galaxy S9 Could Eliminate This Ugly Smartphone Problem

Samsung might have a solution for those unsightly camera bumps sitting on the back of your smartphone.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Samsung has developed two new ISOCELL sensors that promise to eliminate camera bumps by utilizing some new design concepts.

First up is the Fast 2L9 sensor, which uses Dual Pixel technology. According to Engadget, which earlier reported on the feature, the size of the pixels it needs to recreate to produce a photo are smaller. That expedites the processing of an image,and therefore helps the camera more quickly snap photos..

Additionally, the sensor can do a better job of tracking moving objects to get a better shot. But because it's also smaller, the sensor won't take up as much room and doesn't need to jut out so far from the handset. The result? A bump-free handset.

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The new ISOCELL Slim 2X7 is similarly slim and can likewise fit into smaller smartphones, according to Engadget. The camera has a 24-megapixel sensor and should work well in any lighting conditions.

Samsung is among several companies working on camera sensors. But at least so far, those sensors have remained bulky even as phones themselves have become thinner. Big camera bumps on the back can be unsightly and also make a handset sit awkwardly on a desk, as it doesn't lay flat.

Samsung's sensors suggest that the company is at least considering how bumps can be removed from future smartphone designs.

Exactly when the new sensors, which can work both as front- and rear-facing cameras, will come to smartphones is unknown. However, it's believed the feature could make its way to upcoming Galaxy devices, and perhaps even the Galaxy S9 Samsung has planned for early next year.

Look for these slim sensors to make their way to next year's flagship handsets and for Samsung to boast about its slimmed-down designs.