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Not Again: Another Galaxy Phone Reportedly Explodes

Another month, another report of a Samsung phone going up in flames. Only this time, it's a different model from the Galaxy Note 7.

In France this weekend, a woman told the Associated Press that her Galaxy J5 caught fire. Lamya Bouyirdane, who resides in the town of Pau, told the news service that the phone became very hot right before she noticed it swelling up and emitting smoke. After she tossed away the phone, the J5 caught fire with its back bursting off. There were no injuries, though Bouyirdane tells the AP that she's planning on suing Samsung.

A tweet from @LesNews reportedly shows the damaged Galaxy J5.

A tweet from @LesNews reportedly shows the damaged Galaxy J5.

Samsung phones have received extra scrutiny ever since September's disastrous Note 7 launch. While that big screen phone debuted to initially positive reviews, reports quickly began circulating that the phone's battery was overheating, triggering fires. Samsung eventually recalled the device and issued replacements, only to see a handful of replacement Note 7s catch fire as well. Samsung has since halted production on the Note 7.

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It's worth noting that this is one report of trouble with a different Samsung phone, involving a model that's not available in the U.S. Still, in the wake of the Note 7's woes, any reported incident involving a Samsung device is going to grab people's attention. (A Galaxy S7 Edge reportedly caught fire two weeks ago in Canada.)

We've reached out to Samsung to see if the company is looking into the J5 incident. While the company hasn't responded yet, it typically declines to comment until it has a chance to examine the damaged phone.

  • xFeaRDom
    Suing Samsung because of having a device with a battery and creates heat. Dumbest reason ever. Any device can blow up, everybody knows that, and it's a risk that everybody takes. iPhones have been blowing up, there's most likely at least one of EVERY type, make and model of phone that has an incident where it has 'Blown up'.