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Take Alexa with You with This Echo Dot Add-On

If you've ever wanted to go mobile with Amazon and Alexa, now's your chance. The $35 Fremo Evo effectively turns your Amazon Echo Dot into a portable help thanks to built-in support for Amazon's voice-powered assistant.

Credit: Fremo

(Image credit: Fremo)

Fremo describes the Evo as "an intelligent battery base" for Amazon's puck-sized Echo Dot. Available with either white or black finishes, the Evo attaches to your Echo Do via magnets on the battery base's top and the speaker's bottom.

The Evo also has a microUSB charging cable that connects to your Echo Dot's microUSB port to feed it power. From there, the Echo Dot will turn on and you'll be ready to use all of its features for the next six hours — about the time the Evo's battery life will last on a single charge.

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Amazon's Echo lineup has taken the smart home world by storm, thanks to the Alexa assistant's ability to carry out different tasks, or "skills," including vacation planning, food ordering and controlling music playback. A limitation to the Echo lineup is that the speakers aren't really that portable, since they're generally tethered to a power source. While other devices, like the Jam Voice, offer portable Alexa functionality, it's not delivered in the Echo Dot or other Echo devices.

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That's where the Evo comes in. While it's not designed to add functionality to the Echo Dot, it lets you take the small speaker on the road, allowing you to be anywhere in the house and still tell Alexa what to do and when. And at $35, it's a nicely affordable option.

There are some limitations. For one, as long as the Evo is plugged into your Echo Dot, it'll be using up its battery, so if you want to maximize your portable time, you'll want to disconnect it whenever it's not in use. It's also worth noting that the Evo works with the second-generation Echo Dot, so if you're using the first, you're out of luck.